Gift a Feast: A Feast of Snacks Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: Gift a Feast sent me a Feast of Snacks free of charge to review. They are also offering one to one of my readers. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease but receive no compensation.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who does not really need anything? Perhaps a gift for Mother's Day, for a graduate or an end of the year gift for a teacher? Want something different from the norm, then this review is for you!! I have the pleasure of sharing with you Gift a Feast and reviewing their A Feast of Snacks gift and down below you can enter to win one. If you order one of their gifts on their website you can choose the gift wrap. Gift a Feast has a variety of gifts including sweets and savory treats. All the gifts are food items from the San Francisco area. So each gift is a taste of San Francisco. The gifts are wrapped beautifully. The papers are gorgeous. I let Hazel open them and she did not want to rip the paper so she could use them for crafts later. Our gift was in pink flowered paper. Here is a picture of it before it was mailed. Isn't it gorgeous?

 Hazel loved the bow and we had to save it. Here is another picture focusing on the bow after we received it.

Of course before we even saw this, we opened the brown packaging box and found a personal note in beautiful handwriting surrounded by beautiful tissue paper that matches the gift wrap. And yes, Hazel insisted on saving the tissue paper too.
 We dug out the gift and then Hazel began opening it. Once we opened it all we found the various snacks.

Since Hazel and I hadn't had lunch yet and it was late, we started sampling right away. Hazel's favorite is the Rustic Bakery Cheese Coins.
 My favorite is Oren's Kitchen's Wild Rosemary Almonds. We all loved these, but I think I love them the most.

 We also got delicious Good Faith Farm's Raw Lucques Olives. As the only olive lover in the family, I can say I am happy not to share them with anyone. They are so good!! As a young child I was known to eat an entire olive platter at holidays basically by myself. Needless to say I love olives. The olives arrived in insulated bubble wrap. The box had warnings that items needed refrigeration.
 Next is the delicious Toffee Talk's Crumble Mumble. This came wrapped in cellophane with a pretty orange ribbon (matching the gift ribbon) on top. I have to admit I ate most of the jar in one sitting. It is so good.
 The final part of the gift is June Taylor's Bergamot Candy. Since I have never liked grapefruit I had a feeling this would not be a favorite and it is not. Hazel and I tried it and we both could taste the tang of the grapefruit and decided to give it to my mother-in-law since she likes grapefruit.
 All of these wonderful snack items came in the beautiful package. We have been enjoying them all. On Gift a Feast there is a bit about each of the companies that make the products and cards are included in the package with information about the companies and products. It is really a wonderful company that shares the taste of the San Francisco area with anyone who gets one. Each item is picked for the package from trustworthy companies. They wrap the gifts beautifully with amazing papers. It is such a wonderful gift and is full of yummy surprises for all. Take time to check out Gift a Feast and see all the amazing gift packages they offer! Now it is time for our giveaway. You can enter to win A Feast of Snacks gift for yourself or have it sent to someone as a gift. This is open to US residents and please follow my Giveaway Rules. Follow the Rafflecopter. It ends May 8th at midnight. Good luck!!

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