Fall Crafts Capturing the Beauty of Autumn Leaves


Last week I shared some autumn crafts including leaf embroidery. I promised another fall craft if it worked and it mostly did. So today I am sharing how to make a leaf bowl. Now I saw photographs all over the place like this one for inspiration. I went outside and picked some beautiful fall leaves. Then I wiped them and let them dry for a few hours. I gathered a plastic cup, a balloon, a paintbrush, and my ModPodge. When I was ready I blew up the balloon and put it in the plastic cup. The cup works as a stand so you do not have to hold the balloon in place. Put the knotted side down into the cup. Then I spread some ModPodge on my first leaf and stuck it on to the balloon. I then spread more ModPodge on the other side of the leaf to get it really stuck. I continued doing this trying to overlap the leaves.

I found the leaves slipped a bit from where I placed them and it only got worse as it dried. 

So the next day I went out and found more leaves and wiped and dried them and added another layer. I still had a few holes show up so I did another layer the next day. Then I let the bowl sit there and dry. After a few days I popped the balloon. The inside was still a bit damp so the balloon did not come out as easily as expected. I let the bowl dry for another day and here is what I created.

You can see the dried ModPodge on it. And it still has some holes. However it keeps its shape. I did discover oak leaves are not as easy as maple leaves to stick. Now the bowl is obviously not food safe. I started by putting some fake apples in it.

I tried to get pictures from different sides so you can see all the beautiful leaf colors. I love how the ModPodge seals the color into the leaves. 

I posed it with some fall crafts from the past. I will share about those below. Then I also put in my acorn craft collection.

Now I started thinking about my past fall crafts including the acorn crafts that are in the bowl. Here is a picture of them all.

Let's look at the fall crafts!! First there is the large fleece pumpkin. I made smaller ones too. Here is my tutorial for the fabric/fleece pumpkins. Then there is the smaller ceramic pumpkin next to the bowl. It is a diy pumpkin bank from Oriental Trading. You can see it and the other ones we painted here. Leaning against a store bought fake pumpkin is one of our fall quotes. We shared how to make the frame with fake leaves and shared printables to welcome fall here. There are four different kinds of acorn crafts in the bowl. Here are a round-up of them and other autumn crafts to check out!

Acorn Crafts

Leaf Crafts

Other Fall Crafts