Thanksgiving Decorations

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Today's post will be quick as I'm having one of those crazy days. I'm sure by now you have all heard about the crazy October snowstorm. Although it didn't affect my town too much, unfortunately, I'm a storm widow since my poor husband works for the power company. He has been assigned the overnight shift again so I get to find ways to entertain Hazel and try to keep her quiet so he can sleep when he gets home. It has also meant no naps all week since he is waking up around her nap time and she of course wants to see Daddy. The nice part is that they do get to see each other whereas if he was working days they probably wouldn't. Then on top of it last night I received a frantic email about tutoring today so I had to find someone to watch her so I could actually go to work this evening. Luckily Steve's mother is happy to do it for us. So now, I have to get ready to go tutor, but wanted to share this little craft with you before I go.

In preparation for Thanksgiving we (well mostly I since Hazel couldn't focus that day) made some wooden bead and pipe cleaner napkin rings. Very easy and she actually did help with a few of them. String some large beads on half a pipe cleaner and then close it to make a loop.  Beading works on Hazel's fine motor skills so it is a plus every way you look at it.

I played around with letter beads as well and considered personalizing them for all of our guests (and possibly making some for Christmas gifts from Hazel), but I didn't have enough letter beads to spell all the names or words I wanted. I did get one "Thanks" done and figured I would buy more at some point and have her make them.

I think it will add a little more of a personal touch to your Thanksgiving table. What are you doing for yours?

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  1. This is such a cute idea. I love how you get your daughter involved! Thank you for sharing :)

    --Trish @ Mom On Timeout


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