Monday, Monday

Pumpkin's Favorite Sleep Spot--Under the Tree
Mondays are weird days here. Every other Monday we have our cleaning people come at 7:30 a.m., so I rush around making sure things are somewhat picked up so they can clean. Then my mother-in-law usually takes Hazel for at least part of the day though lately it has been for the entire day. Some Mondays I have an appointment, but then I need to figure out what I need/want to do for the rest of the day. It always is a struggle to decide to do what I should/need to do or to enjoy the childless time. Today I think I will take a bit of a nap (I didn't sleep well last night) and then after lunch get organizing my craft room. I'm hoping to move most of Hazel's crafts downstairs with mine and getting it all organized so we can find things.

Advent Calendar
Today I will share a few of the things we made at the Advent Workshop at church last night. Hazel and Steve came early which worked out perfectly. Hazel and I did the crafts before dinner and then after dinner she was ready to go home since she hadn't napped.

The first craft is an Advent calendar. We cut out the picture and bow and glued them to a cut paper plate. Now we have holly leaves to glue on each day until Christmas.

The next is a Christmas tree ornament. We bought kits from Oriental Trading. They are red and green felt cut as wreaths and glue them together then glue the buttons, bow and ribbon on.

They also had wreath making with greens and also a great picture wreath making spot. I brought the supplies home to make a picture wreath. I may make one with a picture from each Christmas since Steve and I have known each other and maybe will buy the supplies to make one for Hazel for each year of her live to give her when she is older.

The final craft Hazel and I did were these beaded wreath pins. They are just tri-beads (3 green then 1 red repeated for a total of 28 beads) on half of a green pipe cleaner then close to make a loop and glue on the ribbon and the pin back.

Then we had caroling and the card making station. We made 100 Christmas cards to give the City Mission Society of Boston who will distribute them to the homeless. Our church does a lot with/for City Mission Society.

Overall it was a fun evening. And this year there was plenty of food. (Last year we ran out due to lack of signing up and still coming.)

Hope you are having a great day!


  1. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your Monday :-) Master D received his postcard this morning! He was very excited, and we had to get the world globe out and talk about where you live. Hope Hazel's arrives soon too :-)

  2. Great Advent Calendar activity! I featured your photo and post in my 40+ Christmas Countdown Activities at


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