Hazel got Mail!

So today a package arrived for Hazel from Australia!! Remember how I told you Kelly over at Happy Whimsical Hearts suggested her son, Master D and Hazel exchange postcards. Well, Master D sent a postcard and a gift. Hazel was so excited to get mail let alone a homemade gift! We were just discussing send him another postcard, so now we will have to think of a good gift to make him. The best part is that Master D received his postcard from Hazel today as well.

Peg Doll Made by Master D for Hazel

I also want to share the amazing Cyber Monday Giveaway Beth over at Living Life Intentionally is holding through Dec. 4. Go over and check it out. If you win it will take one children's gift off your list. She has four choices covering various ages.

And finally!! I have updated the button codes at Sharing Saturday since so many people have been having trouble. I have gotten a good report of them working so far. And Sharing Saturday #7 is still open. Please go share a wonderful idea with us and check out all the amazing ideas already shared.

Have a great night!!

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  1. We're very glad Hazel liked her mail :-) We've got a few more postcards for sending too.

    And, I've just passed on an award to you, you can check it out here

    Have a great day! Kelly


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