Needle Felting

It is another beautiful day here in Massachusetts. We spent the morning watching our friend's Creative Playtime Swingset be moved from their yard to ours. They have sold their house but have not found the right house for them and are moving to a condo for the time being. We offered to store their swingset in the meantime--otherwise they would have had to get rid of it. Then we stayed outside and played with the Mom (her son is in kindergarten so he was at school). Then we ran errands and went out to lunch. Now it Hazel's quiet time and then we will go back outside. Tomorrow the weather predicted is rain which will bring cooler temperatures so this is the end of our Indian Summer.

My angels = first attempt at people
Besides doing some spray painting for a future craft and looking for nature treasures in our friends' yard, we haven't done much crafting. Too busy enjoying the sunshine and making sand apple pies etc. However last night I finished a few needle felted projects and I had a few angels I did earlier. I decided that for our advent calendar (my parents gave us a beautiful wooden one that has doors with compartments for gifts) this year I will give Hazel a needle felted nativity set so we can talk about the Christmas story with her figures. Last night I made the Virgin Mary. I figured she would go in the first compartment (I hoping it is one of the bigger compartments. I can't remember how small the smaller ones are.).

So I figured I would share these pictures and will keep adding to them as I get the various characters done. Hope you are having a beautiful day!

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  1. These are so cute. I really need to try needle felting. Found your blog from the Happy Go Lucky blog hop. Would love for you to stop by mine:)


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