Angels, Angels Everywhere

Today I went to the doctor and found out I don't just have a cold like I thought. Instead I have strep throat. Guess my idea of ignoring it and it will go away won't work.

Well after the doctor's I went to the post office and mailed off my and Hazel's angels for the angel swap we are participating in. The swap is sponsored by we bloom here. On Thursday and Friday I posted some of the angels Hazel and I have made and the ones we made for her swap participant (a four-year-old in California).  For my participants I sent each two angels. One a needle felted angel and one a wooden peg angel.

I needle felted the angels using different colors as an underneath layer and using wooden beads with faces prepainted on them. I used pipe cleaners to make them poseable. I also used the pipe cleaner to hold the bead and the hair in place. Then I added a pipe cleaner ring to the tops as halos. I gave all three of them silver wool wings and white overdresses.

For the wooden peg dolls I painted brown hair on each of them. Then I wrapped them in felt (using a different color for each) and then put lace over them. I added tulle wings and a pipe cleaner halo. I left them faceless due to my lack of ability for small detail work and because I'm a Waldorf mom and know leaving them faceless generates more imagination.

So I paired each needle felted angel with a different color wooden peg angel and mailed them off today. It is the first time I sent a package overseas. (One went to Ohio, one went to Australia and one to Canada.) Over course the post office was busy (it usually isn't except of course as we approach Christmas) and I hadn't filled out the customs form, because I didn't know I had to. But he gave them to me and I did them there. Not a big deal. Now my sweet angels are off to their new homes.

So far I have received one beautiful angel in the swap. This was made by Stephanie in Ohio. Isn't she beautiful? Stephanie did a rainbow of angels. You can check her out at Discovery Days and Montessori Moments.

Then to share some more angels with you. I bought this one at the holiday fair. I'm going to put her in our advent calendar either for Hazel's nature table or her nativity.

An angel made from two ornaments with ribbon wings and a pipe cleaner halo. I need to find my glue gun to make some more of these. The tacky glue is taking too long to dry with it.

A variety of angels we have made. We included a pine cone jingle bell angel and the tp roll angel in Hazel's swap package. The ribbon and ornament angel will hang on our tree.

We also included one of the wooden peg with a wooden heart for wings angel in Hazel's swap.

And one of the other ones we included in Hazel's swap package was a tongue depressor angel with a coffee filter for wings. I think we will make some more of theses for our tree. Or maybe make smaller ones with the wooden spoons and cupcake liners as wings.

Well Hazel is at my mother-in-law's so I can rest today. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in by tomorrow, but I'm planning a restful crafty kind of day. Some activities where I can sit and rest.

Just need to share this information about this terrific giveaway. Bending Birches and Woodland Woolens have teamed up to giveaway a Waldorf doll. Go check it out and enter to win it. I hope I win it for Hazel!!
My last thing to share today is this other beeswax candle I got for my Thanksgiving table. Isn't he cute? I think he will look great next to all of our homemade turkeys and such.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!! And please remember to share at our Sharing Saturday party. It is still open. I'm thinking I will do a feature of more Thanksgiving crafts/activities on Thanksgiving from it. So link up!! We have already almost beat last weeks entries!! And it is farther up on our most viewed posts than the last party. So thank you to everyone for sharing!!

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  1. Hi Carrie
    I emailed you just a moment ago to tell you mine is on the way next week and then I see you've blogged about yours!!! Oh, a sneak peek!
    Swapping is such fun, isn't it?
    Amber (mamamoontime)


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