Angels with a Toddler

Our nature craft from school yesterday
Today I'm going to share some of the angels we have been making for the Angel Swap. These are the ones that Hazel will be sending out. Later I will share the ones I'm sending. Hazel is swapping with a four-year-old girl in California. Needless to say I helped Hazel quite a bit, but we had fun doing these.

Popsicle Stick and coffee filter Angel
This is our latest creation. Well my latest creation. We need to finish Hazel's. She is made with a popsicle stick, glittery scrapbook paper, pipe cleaner for arms and a coffee filter for wings. Her hair is some silver gift bag filler stuff. (Don't you love my technical name of supplies?) I drew a face on her with a pen (which is what we need to do with Hazel's still) and I may give her some shoes with a marker.

TP Roll, Baby Sock and Coffee filter Angel

This is the first one we did. We cut a pair of pink baby socks (I bought some for a $1 at Target or Kmart since I have given all of hers away) and put it over the top of a TP roll. We dressed her in a coffee filter dress and gave her eyes and yarn hair and a pipe cleaner halo. Her wings are white feathers. We still need to draw a mouth on her.

Lollipop & Macaroni Angel
What child won't like this one. Her head is a lollipop wrapped in a cupcake liner with eyes glued on and a pipe cleaner halo glued on. Her body and wings are different pasta that we painted white and glittery. We were going to do macaroni ones and lollipop ones separately, but I couldn't figure out the head well for the macaroni, so we combined it.

Our last surprise for the swap is a small beaded angel bracelet. I found a kit that made four bracelets at one of the craft stores for around $1. We made one for Hazel and one for the swap as well as one full size one that was too big for Hazel. They are cheap, but let's face it little girls usually love this stuff.

Now I need to finish mine and get them all in the mail. Oh, and we need to go pick out a postcard to mail a new "friend". Hazel is going to exchange postcards with a 3-year-old boy in Autstralia who is going to go to a Waldorf School. His mother blogs over at Happy Whimsical Hearts and contacted me to do this exchange. We are so excited for it. It is also my first real connection made through my blog. So exciting!!

Well since she is not napping today, I think we will go get that postcard and finish some crafts. Happy Weekend! And please come back tonight or tomorrow to share at our Sharing Saturday Link Party!!

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