Busy Day, But a New Idea to Share

Today, my mother-in-law has Hazel for a good portion of the day so I could run errands (and Steve is working from home so now she won't bother him). While out I found the cutest thing. This little mailbox box cost only $2 at Ocean State Job Lot. I'm going to introduce it to Hazel as a magic mailbox where we can send and receive mail from Santa. I will help her write Santa letters and then I will respond. As she gets older I will also introduce that I can send Santa a letter about her behavior if I think she belongs on the naughty list. So we will not be getting An Elf on the Shelf. We have our magic mailbox which costs much less and allows her to have fun.

Some other things to check out today:

Fairy Dust Teaching has a first blogiversary giveaway. She is giving away three different $50 gift cards. Go over and check it out!

Ready. Set. Read! has a link about Arthur's Christmas and provides a link to check for the 12 Days of Arthur's Christmas Activities in your area.

Silly Eagle Books has cute turkey hats to make. Go check them out. They are adorable. Hmmm...maybe I'll leave her a note to get her to share in our Saturday Share.

I Can Teach My Child has some great homemade gift ideas.

One Artsy Mama has some great homemade ornament ideas.

My Computer is My Canvas has a free printable of Thanksgiving name cards or food labels. Very cute if you have assigned seats or a buffet where you want to label the food.

Poet in the Pantry has a delicious looking recipe for gingerbread muffins.  All I have to say is Carrie you are lucky I don't live closer because I would be over to sample those. They look delicious!!

Well that is what I've been reading. Hope you are having a great day. I'm off to get some more things done before Hazel comes home.