Thanking a Soldier

Hazel decorated one side

I wrote a letter...
Today Hazel and I worked on cards for American Soldiers. With Veteran's Day fast approaching and the holiday season, I always like to take time out to thank a soldier. I googled to see where we could send our cards. I found So Hazel and I pulled out our Fourth of July stickers and decorated some blue paper. Then I printed a letter thanking the soldier and his or her family for their sacrifices and service. It seems like such a nice way to teach Hazel about Veteran's Day.

My Fairy Princess
My Witch Princess
We also hit the post Halloween sales for dress-up clothes. Hazel has been loving her "White Snow" (as she calls it) costume. She also likes her witch hats--especially the one with green hair attached. And her fairy/butterfly wings. We actually went to Sears today for portraits and Hazel wore her wings in half of them.
My Little Fairy at Sears