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Exploring Navajo Nation or Dine Nation -- Global Learning for Kids & Multicultural Mathematics

Last week we shared some books we used to explore a bit about Arizona from Massachusetts. I even shared some of the pictures my family took in Arizona on our trip across the country when I was young. While flipping through the pictures I noticed pictures labeled near the Navajo Monument and thought it would be fun to learn more about Navajo Nation. I remember fondly stopping to look at the beautiful jewelry made by the Navajo and getting to pick out a bracelet. I wore that bracelet all the time until it broke. So we went off to find some books about the Navajo.

Let the Celebrations Begin! -- Book Review

Disclosure: Candlewick Press gave me a copy of these books free of charge to review. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.

As fall arrives and school starts my attention tends to be on a few things, getting Hazel ready for school, getting clothes for the cooler weather and then I start to think about the upcoming events and holidays. Being Christians and having Hazel attend a private Christian school we do not pay much attention to the Jewish holidays, but there is Columbus Day and Halloween in October and Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving in November. This year I have Veteran's Day on my radar. The parent group at Hazel's school is planning a collection service project for the troops, so perhaps that is why. Last year I had the pleasure of reviewing Once a Shepherd by Glenda Millard and published by Candlewick Press as well. This book helped explain the sacrifices of the soldiers and their families. This year I am going to share with you Let the Celebrations Begin!: A Story of Hope for the Liberation by Margaret Wild and illustrated by Julie Vivas.

Once A Shepherd -- Book Review -- a book to talk about war and veterans

Disclosure: Candlewick Press gave me a copy of this book free of charge to review. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.

Yesterday was Veteran's Day here in the United States. I usually try to do something to celebrate it by thanking our veterans and their families. Although I like to thank them all the time and think they deserve thanks all year long. This year Hazel and I were visiting my parents for our long weekend. (Hazel had Monday and Tuesday off of school.) I did not really have much planned for a Veteran's Day post or activity. However when I came home I received a box of books from Candlewick Press and it included the perfect introduction book to start a conversation about soldiers,war, loss due to war and recovering from that loss. The book is Once A Shepherd by Glenda Millard.

Veteran's Day and Martinmas and more

Happy Veteran's Day!! I would like to start by saying a heartfelt thank you to all of our veterans, soldiers and their families who sacrifice so much for our country. You may remember last week, Hazel and I made cards thanking the veterans and mailed them and many Christmas cards to our veterans and soldiers. The post is here.

Today is also Martinmas. I think we may not do our lantern walk tonight. (I'll explain why later.) We will postpone it until tomorrow. But this is our first time celebrating it. I did not really know about it until this year. Some places to get good information about it are:
Joyful Toddlers Fall Celebrations: Martinmas this includes a story to share with our children.

The Parent Passageway: Martinmas In The Waldorf Home  a little about what it is and some links to songs for lantern walks

Waldorf Mama: Martinmas pictures of some beautiful lanterns

Welcome to a Little Garden Flower & Waldorf Essentials: Martinmas and autumn verses and ideas has a story about St. Martin and a poor man and other ideas for celebrating and understanding.

Rhythm of the Home Martinmas Lantern Bunting has a tutorial on making a felt lantern bunting (Hazel and I are making one)

Waldorf Library has the Waldorf view on Martinmas and the history. And another story to share with the children.

A Storytelling of Crows: Lantern walk songs has the words to many lantern songs

Uncommon Grace has a tutorial for making a lantern from heavy weight watercolor paintings and from the previous year the paper mache ones similar to what we made at our school's open house a few weeks ago. and Pictures of them on their lantern march with the paper mache ones.

A Polar Bear's Tale has some beautiful pictures of paintings of lantern walks, and links to lantern tutorials: has a tutorial for paper ones from construction paper.
This one is in German (I think), so I won't be trying it but it looks beautiful. I wish I could translate it.

Hazel and Honeysuckle: Whip It Up Wednesday has an easy paper lantern to make that we are definitely going to try.
Now I want to go make some more lanterns, but I have to wait for Hazel I guess.

Oh, last night was a big night for us. Hazel had her first night without Mommy and Daddy! She slept at my mother-in-law's. Steve and I went to see Legally Blonde at the North Shore Music Theatre. It was wonderful. We got to sleep in this morning after our late night. However, Hazel did not sleep much at my mother-in-law's. I think she was too excited to be there--she is a bit spoiled there and has so many toys and is allowed to watch television, etc. I'm not sure my mother-in-law will want to do it again for quite awhile.

Well Happy Veteran's Day and Happy Martinmas!! Have a wonderful weekend!! See you tomorrow for Sharing Saturday!!

Thanking a Soldier

Hazel decorated one side

I wrote a letter...
Today Hazel and I worked on cards for American Soldiers. With Veteran's Day fast approaching and the holiday season, I always like to take time out to thank a soldier. I googled to see where we could send our cards. I found So Hazel and I pulled out our Fourth of July stickers and decorated some blue paper. Then I printed a letter thanking the soldier and his or her family for their sacrifices and service. It seems like such a nice way to teach Hazel about Veteran's Day.

My Fairy Princess
My Witch Princess
We also hit the post Halloween sales for dress-up clothes. Hazel has been loving her "White Snow" (as she calls it) costume. She also likes her witch hats--especially the one with green hair attached. And her fairy/butterfly wings. We actually went to Sears today for portraits and Hazel wore her wings in half of them.
My Little Fairy at Sears