Merry Christmas, Eve! Review & Giveaway


Disclosure: I was sent a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am working with The Children's Book Review and Krueger Wallace Press and Riven Rock Project for this post and will receive a small stipend from them.

Christmas is such a magical time of the year. I know some people do not think kids should learn about Santa or his magic, but I think it is part of the fun of Christmas. Today's book shares a bit of the magic. We head to the North Pole where we meet one of Santa's elves, Eve. She begins to search for the spirit of Christmas in hopes of saving Christmas and all of Santa's elves. The story is Merry Christmas, Eve! by Adam Wallace and illustrated by Lena Bardy.

From the Publisher:

Merry Christmas, Eve! Written by Adam Wallace and Illustrated by Lena Bardy

Ages 4+ | 36 Pages

Publisher: Krueger Wallace Press & Riven Rock Projects | ISBN-13: 9780648973737

Christmas is coming and Christmas spirit is nowhere to be found. There’s only one little elf with the get-up-and-go to find it. Meet Eve . . .

Ever wondered how Christmas Eve got it’s name?

From Adam Wallace, the author of the New York Times Bestselling How To Catch series and How To Catch An Elf!, comes a feel good Christmas story picture book story for anyone, young or old, who loves Christmas, the holidays, and keeping the spirit of Christmas alive.

“The day before Christmas is a very special day,
That never had its own name.
But that all changed when one special elf,
Rose to glory and fame.
Eve was an elf with such get up and go,
She worked hard and loved to play.
But the Head Elf ran Christmas with an iron fist,
And this was what he had to say…”

About the Author:

Adam Wallace has written stories about elves before (How to Catch an Elf), but Eve is by far his favorite elf!

Adam also has a mother who still makes him write a letter to Santa every year, and puts a stocking at the end of his bed … he doesn’t mind!

With over 82 books published, Adam believes Eve can outshine them all!

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From Me:

This book is very sweet. It takes us to the North Pole and Santa has put a very serious elf in charge. The elf believes in working and no play but this causes there to be no Christmas spirit. A young elf goes to search for the Christmas spirit so she can fix Christmas. She finds it and saves the day. The elf's name is Eve and Santa is so happy with her he names the day before Christmas for her. Talk about a happy story. Things I love is that a young female elf saves the day! I love that the message is that Christmas is supposed to be fun and not just serious and of course that there needs to be work as well as play! 

The illustrations are adorable and the story is imaginative. Kids are going to fall in love with it and with Eve. It is a fun way to think about Christmas Eve! I hope you will check it out!


To go with this book I came up with two crafts. One is for an adult or older child to make as a memory of Eve to hang on your tree and the other is for younger kids. 

Similar to the angel ornaments I made an Eve ornament. I made her outfit out of felt. Since she is looking for Christmas spirit I have her holding a wreath. I am imagining her decorating Santa's Workshop. See my tutorial to make her here.

For the kids I made a Popsicle stick puppet. I used a tongue depressor and Popsicle stick to form the base. I always use glue dots when attaching wood like this with kids since there is no dry time. Then I created a pattern for the dress and hat. If you use my pattern the height of the picture should be the width of a regular sheet of paper. 

You can have the kids make the clothes out of felt or construction paper. The pattern will work for either one. Then give them things to decorate the clothes. The face is drawn on with markers as well as the hair. You could also use yarn for hair. Let the kids create their own Eve puppets! 


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