Autumn Lights for Darker Days

Autumn has definitely begun even if the temperatures in New England have been in the 70s this week. How do I know autumn is here even with unusually warm weather--the shorter number of daylight hours. It is getting dark much earlier. This time of year always makes me think winter is coming too fast. It is also reminds me of our days at the Waldorf school and the holiday Martinmas. Martinmas is not until November, but I feel like I could use it now. In past years we were part of the lantern march at the Waldorf school. It is where the children carry lanterns they make at school with a lite candle and march around together singing.

Although we are not at the Waldorf school anymore, we decided to make some autumn lights for the dark days.I have to admit I enjoyed celebrating Martinmas. To make our lights, we used red, yellow, orange and white tissue paper and Mod Podge glue and recycled glass jars. On some we added miniature fake leaves and others we strong fabric leaves on wire and wrapped them around the jar. We coated the jars with the Mod Podge after the tissue paper and miniature leaves were on it to secure and finish it all off.
Then of course we added candles. Hazel made them for gifts for her teacher and her grandparents. Since my mother and Hazel both had colds last week, my parents did not make it for Grandparents Day at Hazel's school. They will be coming in a couple weeks and we are planning our own Grandparents Day celebration.

Hazel loved making these and loved giving it to her teacher today.
To give them as a gift, I made some tags on My Memories. One tag has a Martinmas verse I saw at Our Seasons of Joy and the other has Matthew 5:16. You can click on the picture to get a pdf of the tags.

Hazel brought one to her teacher today and she loved it.
We also made two jack-'o-lantern ones. We used yellow tissue paper for the face and orange for the pumpkin.

We had read The Pumpkin Patch Parable by  Liz Curtis Higgs, so it was the perfect craft to do with it. Her class had read it in school as well. We shared this book last year.

We will be exploring pumpkins this week!! Stay tune for Friday!!

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