Disney's Frozen -- Marshmallow Olaf and Party Activity Ideas

With Halloween fast approaching, I know the holiday season is not far behind and then it will be time for Hazel's birthday party. Her theme this year is Disney's Frozen, so we are going to do it for her real birthday (well a couple of weeks after so it is not during the holidays). I have seen all over the web the bags with the tag "Do you wanna build a snowman?" and the supplies for a marshmallow snowman. I decided to see how they would come out. I have to say our tries did not turn out well. So this is something we will not be doing for the party. Now for full disclosure, our large marshmallows were stale, but I do not think this is what caused the issues.
 We had trouble keeping them up, but did put a toothpick in the middle to keep them together. We also found the candy corn noses did not stay well. We used black writing gel frosting for the black parts and could have tried the mini chocolate chips. We used clear writing gel as glue. The activity was fun. Hazel loved laughing at how funny they looked when the nose was falling, etc.

 We used the chocolate candy corn since their tips are not white. At one point I tried to break the brown off to make them lighter to see if it would help keep them on. It didn't.

 I have seen on-line tutorials to make the marshmallow Olaf's. They are done with pieces of marshmallow and lay flat. They are not done by children if you want them to look correct. So we decided this was a fun craft to laugh during and enjoy, but not one for the party.

 The activities we have come up with thus far are Pin the Nose on Olaf as seen on-line and melt the frozen heart. Our idea is to freeze some toys/prizes in a heart shape and have the kids try to melt it to get the prizes. I have not decided if we will do one big heart or a small heart for everyone. I also have seen a diy snowman bowling game that I think we might try making. The snowmen will of course be Olaf. We will have an indoor snowball fight using our indoor snowballs. Perhaps a play dough station to make a snowman and we will have a photo booth/area. I bought an extra large Frozen poster at AC Moore that will be the background. I let Hazel pick which one she wanted. For more Disney's Frozen ideas check out my Pinterest Board and stay tuned for more party ideas in the next couple months! Here are some of the Frozen ideas we have already shared: