Autumn Peg Dolls -- Autumn Fairy

Perhaps you saw this week's Sharing Saturday and how I featured the Autumn Leaf Peg Dolls from In the Playroom. Before seeing hers, I had thought of using our fake leaves as clothes for the peg dolls, so we finally found time to do so when Hazel was home sick this week. Since our fake leaves were so small we used the girl peg dolls. I pulled out autumn colored felt and the pack of fabric leaves and let Hazel do what she wanted with them. I clothed a few as well. After all the glue (and on Hazel's there was a lot of glue) dried Hazel added faces and hair to each one.

Now Hazel is talking about the season fairies and how we need to build the summer fairy a house to sleep in since it is autumn. Hmm...guess fairy houses will be a craft soon!

I have leaf paper doilies too, but have not pulled them out yet. I think that may be next. I found all the autumn peg dolls all over the couch this morning. I think Hazel was making up stories with them. So fun!!