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Autumn & Change of Season Picture Books

Disclosure: I was sent these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

With Thanksgiving this week, I feel like autumn is slowly slipping away. It is funny since I feel like it just began due to the warm weather we had for much of it. Of course it feels a bit like we went from summer to winter and skipped it all together. Plus the trees did not like the weather and never really turned as beautiful as they usually do. Today I am sharing three picture books with you. The first one is not actually an autumn book but with the shorter days I always think about lanterns and lights during this time of year. It is I Have a Little Lantern by Gan Dayong. 

Autumn Lights for Darker Days

Autumn has definitely begun even if the temperatures in New England have been in the 70s this week. How do I know autumn is here even with unusually warm weather--the shorter number of daylight hours. It is getting dark much earlier. This time of year always makes me think winter is coming too fast. It is also reminds me of our days at the Waldorf school and the holiday Martinmas. Martinmas is not until November, but I feel like I could use it now. In past years we were part of the lantern march at the Waldorf school. It is where the children carry lanterns they make at school with a lite candle and march around together singing.


So yesterday, we took Hazel to the doctor's again. We found out on top of the on-going sinus infection (we start round 3 of antibiotics tomorrow), she has caught a virus that is going around. Poor thing is just not herself lately. So needless to say, we had a relaxing weekend. I ran errands yesterday and today, and made chicken soup yesterday.

Today, I began working on a new needle felted project and finished it tonight. I'm thinking of sewing a ribbon on it for the Christmas tree. What do you think? I got the instructions from Wool Toys & Friends by Laurie Sharp. I volunteered to make an ornament for a giveaway and thought I would try some out first before deciding which to make. Plus I wanted to decorate our small tree that we put in our front window (in the dining room) with only handmade ornaments. I'm hoping with most of them Hazel will help me. I did let her do a bit of the felting until I needed to really sculpt it. I have a five needle tool that has a safety on it so I give her that one to try. She doesn't usually last for too long.

Something to check out: Prescription for Play Film. It is just over 12 minutes long but is definitely worth watching. It made me feel good about our decision for a Waldorf education for Hazel since the focus is really on play until she is 7.

Since Hazel has been sick, we were unable to go on our lantern march, so we decided to light all of the lanterns in her "house" (made of Waldorf playstands and fabric) with battery operated tealights. We decided to keep them there since we all like them. Here is what it looked like when we turned out the lights last night. (Hazel didn't want to keep the lights off so we had to turn them back on right away but I took these after she went to bed.)

Hope you are finding ways to keep the light in your life and warmth in your heart as the our days grow shorter and colder!