Easy Cup Owl Craft

Well yesterday we went to Lakeshore Learning for their free craft. They had the kids making owl pencil holders out of styrofoam cups. (If you click the link above and then click the picture of the owl pencil holder it gives you their instructions.) We made three. First Hazel made a brown one since the craft leader told her to color the cup first.

They had wood discs for under the googly eyes and some were more oval shaped so we used them on the wings. We decided to use the foam pieces as feathers. Then I decided I would make a white owl and Hazel wanted to do it.

Then Hazel wanted to go look around the store and decided she wanted to play a computer game. Since the craft table was next to the computer game station I made an owl while she played.

Now the idea at Lakeshore Learning is to stick pencils through the styrofoam.

We decided we would rather make them puppets, so I taped some popsicle sticks inside them when we got home.

Hazel had been flying them around the store, so adding a stick made sense. On our way home we talked about making more, but using feathers. I pulled out paper cups we had in our crafts and we found our wood discs and feathers.

Hazel wanted to start by making a snowy white one. She picked pink eyes.
I made a purple one. I colored the face part of the cup purple so the feathers would not get in the way of the face. I put extra feathers for the wings.

Then Hazel wanted to make a purple one so I made a white one. I used feathers for the top and the wings.

Hazel took her time on her purple one and added a tiara. We decided she was the queen owl.

Overall this was a very simple, but fun craft. Hazel asked to make more sometime soon.

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