Leaves--Crafts & a Story

Today we worked on changing Hazel's seasonal tree to be autumn. We started to hang our salt dough ornaments and I made her a leaf garland. All I did was use thread and a needle to sew some fabric leaves that I bought at the dollar store. Very easy to do and it added much to her tree. It could also be used to decorate a mailbox, mantle, or staircase.
I used those same leaves on a candle I bought at Rite Aid. I took the sticker off and used Mod Podge to stick them on and seal them on. I actually tried with some pressed leaves that I had, but I think they had gotten too dry and pressed because they would not stick well. I love what the leaves add to the candle. Did I mention the fall candles are 50% off this week?

Finally here is another story about Sister Autumn and her leaf fairies. Click on the picture to get the pdf of it.
Happy Autumn!! Enjoy!!


Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

I love the idea of a seasonal tree. How fun to add some leaves to not only your (Hazel's) seasonal tree but your candles as well.

Crystelle said...

The leaves add so much......

Cheerios and Lattes said...

Thank you for posting on Saturday Show and Tell! I hope you'll be back this week with more!

Kelly - Two Kids Cooking and More said...

Fall leaves are one of our favorite items to use in crafts and this is a great idea. We'd love it if you'd stop by our linky party and share...our theme this week is Halloween-y, but we love this and hope you share anyway :D

Hope to see you there!

Rebecca English said...

Oh what a lovely idea! I like the idea of a seasonal tree!

Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.