Virtual Book Club for Kids--Duck Rabbit by Amy Klouse Rosenthal


Can you believe it is already the third Monday in October? October is flying by. I better get sewing on Hazel's costume. Aghh! Anyway, each month on the third Monday, we join a group of wonderful bloggers (see them listed below) to present the Virtual Book Club for Kids and October's author is Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Each blogger chooses a book by the author for the month and posts about it and then shares it in our blog hop. We also invite you to join us by doing something with a book this month by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and sharing it here in our blog hop! It is such a fun way to learn about new authors! (To see the schedule for the authors of each month through August 2013 you can visit my Special Event Page.)

 This week we are going to share about Duck! Rabbit! This is a cute little book full of a famous optical illusion. You cannot tell if the illustration is a duck or a rabbit and the two speakers in the book are fighting over it and trying to convince the other that it is the other animal.

Now I will admit this one intrigued me because of the whole optical illusion geometry connection. I mean when I taught geometry I usually had a unit on optical illusions. And I always started my new school year with an overhead of this optical illusion.
In this optical illusion you can see a young woman looking away from you and an older woman facing to the left of you. The younger woman's chin is the older woman's nose. I loved to start off a school year with this because in so much of math you can see the problem completely differently than someone else and solve it completely differently, but still get the correct answer. I always like to promote having the students listen and learn from one another since the best way to master something is to be able to teach/explain it to someone else and sometimes one way makes more sense to one student than another. It all has to do with learning styles and ways of thinking.

So I went searching for more pictures that you could see more than one image in. I found the Quirky Mind Stuff of Richard Wiseman and he has a wonderful list of all the duck rabbit illusions (including the book). Now since we are trying to minimize Hazel's media exposure, I printed out the images removing the one of the book.  If you want to print them, you can click on the image above to get it in docx form. But make sure you check out Richard Wiseman's site since he is taking a vote on your favorite one.
Then I looked for other optical illusions that did not involve a duck and a rabbit. These came from four different sites and all have been sourced on the page. Again if you would like a copy in docx form, you can click on the picture. (If anyone needs me to save them as a pdf, please let me know.) The sites I used are, Brain Den Animal Ambituities and Brain Den Face Illusions and Imagixs. These sites go into detail of what the images are and how to find them.

Hazel got a bit confused by them, but she had fun. After I showed her each one she could see them or at least claimed to. I'm guessing this activity might be a bit better for an older child.

Are you interested in finding more Amy Krouse Rosenthal books. We did an activity for Multicultural Monday awhile ago using her Chopsticks. And next week we will do it on This Plus That: Life's Little Equations.

Now it is your turn to share!! If you have a new or old post about an activity to do with a Amy Krouse Rosenthal book, please share below and grab the button and code if you would like to help us advertise! (FYI, the blog hop goes live at midnight!!) Also please make sure you visit the other blogs that are hosting to see what they have created with the various Amy Krouse Rosenthal books! (Plus next Monday we will share another project to go with a different book!)


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  1. Lovely activities. We worked on Duck Rabbit too and the different perspectives things can get. We also worked on the optical illusions. This is our link


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