A Ghostly Day

The past few days we have been finally doing some Halloween crafts. One of our focuses has been ghosts. So today I will share our ghosts with you.

We started our craft day by painting some of many leaves white. Yesterday Kitchen Counter Chronicles shared their wonderful leaf ghosts for their Halloween Tree. We added some faces to them this morning but have not put strings on them to hang them on Hazel's seasonal tree yet. I just loved the idea though!
The next ghost we made was from a paper plate. I saw this idea in Family Fun Magazine. They used poster board, but I thought a paper plate would work nicely. You cut the plate in a spiral and then add eyes and a mouth and a hole to put a string to hang it. It takes some working the ends to get them to stretch out correctly.

We also made a door knob decoration. I saw the idea on Better Homes and Gardens. It is very easy. Cut a ghost shape out of poster board or card stock--we used glitter paper. Add a face and cut a hole for the knob.
We also made some ghosts by putting some glue on some pine cones and covering it with white tissue paper. Then we added some eyes and a mouth. We had started to paint the pine cones white and then realized we didn't need to since we could just cover them with tissue paper.
Our final ghost "craft" was to make Meringue Ghosts. I saw the idea on Better Homes and Gardens. I however found a recipe on Joy of Baking. Since we did not have candy eyes or miniature chocolate chips we used chocolate frosting to make the eyes and mouths. Can you tell which ones Hazel did versus mine? Oh, we didn't use a pastry bag either. Both of us used two spoons to scoop them out. They may be a bit messier, but it was much more fun to be able to do it together.

And don't forget the easy puzzle piece pin/magnet I shared  a few days ago.

For more ghostly ideas check out my Halloween Pinterest Board! I will share some more Halloween crafts tomorrow!


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  2. Fantastic ideas! I love the leaf ghosts.

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