Autumn Nature Walks & Crafts

The last few days Hazel and I have taken nature walks. The autumn colors are so beautiful around here. We bring along her red wagon and a pail in which to put our treasures.
When she gets tired of walking, I pull her and she then takes any treasure I pick up and pretends I'm paying her and the pail becomes the cash register. 
One day it was particularly windy and Hazel commented on how the leaves were racing. I asked her which one was going to win, but she wasn't sure. We tried to get a picture of the leaves floating around, but had no luck. However we did get a pleasant surprise at the other end of the street.
Have I mentioned that Hazel loves cement mixers! And to watch the cement go up the big thing and back down to form the basement walls was really neat. We picked the perfect time to walk!

Now on these walks we have been gathering lots of treasures. Most of the treasures are leaves of every color. We bring them home and I have been sealing them with Mod Podge.
My craft room has several spots that look like this. Ugh!! The leaves are taking over and she keeps wanting more. Now we need to get crafting with them again. We made a few pictures.
Hazel's Leaf Fairy
My Leaf Fairy
My Leaf Owl

My favorite treasure thus far however is this huge pine cone we found. I have never seen one so big before.
We will share some of the pine cone crafts we have been doing at a later date. Enjoy!!


  1. I love Hazel's wagon, you autumn trees are beautiful

  2. That is adorable great kids crafts! Thanks for linking up on Super Sweet Saturday.


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