The Leaf and The Tree -- We Are All Connected


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We are in the middle of winter here in Massachusetts. The trees are bare, but I am dreaming of spring and warmer weather. Today's book is perfect for this dream. It is The Leaf and the Tree by Bruce Nemovitz and illustrated by Ani Ghosh. 

From the Publisher:

The Leaf & The Tree Written by Bruce Nemovitz & Illustrated by Ani Ghosh
Ages 4-8 | 22 Pages
Publisher: Book House Publishing | ISBN-13: 9781952483257

Publisher’s Synopsis: Follow the wondrous and challenging life of our friend, the leaf, living alone and happy and confident that only he controls his surroundings and his good fortune. Then one day, Mother Nature teaches a lesson we all can learn from.

Through the journey in this heartfelt book, you will gain a new appreciation when taking a walk past your favorite tree. Our friend, the leaf, is given a gift of knowledge and understanding about the beauty and wonder of the world around us.



Author Bruce Nemovitz has written two other books. He has been a full-time Realtor for over 43 years in the Great Milwaukee area. The first book is called “Moving in the Right Direction”, A Senior’s Guide to Moving and Downsizing. His second book, also related to the senior real estate market is called “Guiding Our Parents in the Right Direction”, A Children’s Guide to Helping Mom and Dad Move From Their Long-Time Home.

Bruce’s passion has always been with children. He has two daughters, Dara and Karra, who blessed him with seven grandchildren! Bruce wanted to leave a message for the next generation who are living in a world divided. This book offers a message of hope and togetherness, that we are all connected to one another and to nature.

Bruce has won several awards in his field of real estate. Bruce has been a monthly contributor for over 12 years with 50plus Magazine in the Milwaukee area. He has written several articles related to the challenge of seniors moving from their long-time homes. He works with his wife of 48 years, Jeanne.

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From Me:

This is a sweet story that deals with how all the parts of the tree help one another. The leaves think they are alone and worry how long they can last without water during a drought. Then they change color and eventually fall. One leaf talks to a root and discovers that the other parts of the tree were taking care of him the entire time. It ends with the overall message that all life is connected and needs to watch out for one another. We need to take care of wildlife and plants. 

The book is perfect for young children any time but also makes a great book for Earth Day. I love how it talks about relationships with others as well as change being scary. The tree parts fight one another for the sun so they think they are alone. It all ties together so nicely. There is mention of the Almighty, so a reference to religion, but nothing spelled out. Overall it is a sweet book with an amazing message. To go with this book I wanted to share some leaf and tree crafts and activities. Check out the round-up I came up with below!

Craft & Activity Round-Up:

1) Summer Gratitude Tree from Emma Owl

2) Gratitude Leaves

3) Colouring, Cutting, & Sticking Autumn Leaves from In the Playroom

4) Painting Tree Craft from Messy Little Monster

5) Paper Roll Trees for Arbor Day

6) Paper Bag Tree from Crafts by Amanda

7) Broccoli Painted Four Seasons Tree from Non-Toy Gifts

8) Four Season Apple Tree

9) Paper Roll Apple Trees

10) Cardboard Apple Tree from The Craft Train

11) Handprint and Hearts Tree

12) Foil Tree Art from Emma Owl

13) Printable Leaf Activity Kit from Barley and Birch

14) Autumn Leaf Science from Preschool Toolkit

15) Leaf Lab: Why Do Leaves Change Color? from STEAM Powered Family

16) Leaf imprints

17) Paper Roll Tree Art from The Craft Train

18) Leaf Hunt

19) Leaf Pictures

20) More Leaf Pictures

21) Color Changing Leaf Craft from Non-Toy Gifts

22) Leaf Mason Jar Craft from Growing Family

23) Leaf Candle Craft and a leaf garland not pictured

24) Autumn Leaf Bowl

25) Leaf Mesh Painting from Mommy Evolution

26) Leaf Crafts

27) Leaf Bookmarks from Mommy Evolution

28) Garden Leaf Collage from In the Playroom

29) Leaf Embroidery & Leaf Fairies

30) Meeting Trees Unit Study from Homeschool Share

Not Pictured:

Trees Lapbook & Unit Study from Homeschool Share

Leaf Unit Study & Lapbook from Homeschool Share

Fall Magazine Tree from Crafts by Amanda

Tree Puns and Tree Jokes from Growing Family

Books About & Featuring Trees:

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9) The Conductor (wordless full of trees and magic)


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