The Book of Amazing Trees


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Life has gotten a bit crazy this week. I was hoping to share two new books with you that both came out this week, but I'm still reading the other one. So today I get to share with you a beautiful and amazing book all about trees. It is recommended for ages 8 to 12. It is The Book of Amazing Trees by Nathalie Tordjman and illustrated by Isabelle Simler and Julien Norwood. 

From the Publisher:

Discover the incredible world of trees in this interactive, fun-filled guide for young readers, where fascinating facts and beautiful illustrations abound on every page.

Did you know that gingko trees have been around since before the dinosaurs? Or that trees can communicate with each other through fungi in the ground? The Book of Amazing Trees is a comprehensive guide for young readers, covering the basics of tree anatomy, photosynthesis, the role of flowers, and more, while sharing amazing facts from the most up-to-date research about trees. Young nature-lovers can put their knowledge to the test with interactive quizzes, detailed seek-and-find scenes, and hands-on activities, like how to grow a tree from a seed yourself. This follow-up to The Book of Tiny Creatures is perfect for budding naturalists and children with a growing interest in the natural world.

From Me:

This book is so well written and produced. The book is easy to follow and the illustrations are beautiful and detailed. It is packed full of information that you may or may not know. I didn't know a palm tree is not actually a tree. Did you? 

Four of the five chapters have similar elements or sections--Under the Magnifying Glass, Big Zoom and My Observatory and some also have Little Workshop and Quiz sections. The chapters introduce trees, talk about the growth of trees, the seeds and reproduction of trees, and the powers of trees. Then the fifth chapter shares specifics about certain trees like record breaking trees and other surprising things. Under the Magnifying Glass gives details and zooms in to show them in the illustrations. Big Zoom shows more of the whole picture like the one above has two trees in all the different seasons.

The illustrations and layout of the pages make the book easy to read and understand. The pictures are all illustrations but beautiful and very detailed to help with the learning. The Little Workshop sections give activities to try like growing a tree from a seed! 

The book is meant to be interactive. The My Observatory sections are beautiful illustrations with things to find in it. Each one is drawn in a different location. The one below is in an orchard. I love how the observatory is sharing things the author/illustrators would see in that setting. It is a perfect introduction to keeping a nature journal. 

I love how the book shares some facts that many people do not know about trees. For example how they communicate with one another and help one another. This book is so well done. I hope you will check it out!

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