It's On the Way -- a Religious Book to Help Pull You from Dark Places in Life


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Last week I shared a bit about what is happening in my life. Things have gone down hill since with my father. There has been a break-through Covid case in the staff of his facility. When I went to visit him we found out and he had a black eye when I saw him. Today we are waiting to hear the results of tests at the hospital after a nighttime fall and hitting his head. I have been so full of worry, anger, and shame. I felt my emotions getting to me and couldn't pull myself up. My depression was seeping back to a point I wasn't sure I could fight on my own. Then I picked up the book I'm sharing today and having just read a few chapters as well as the introduction and foreword my entire mood shifted. I didn't feel like I was falling into despair any more. I remembered to trust God. The book is It's On the Way by Lisa Osteen Comes. And before I tell you about it I want to say to Lisa, thank you! Your words truly are making a difference in my life. 

From the Publisher:

In this inspiring spiritual guidebook, the Associate Pastor of Lakewood Church demonstrates how to keep an attitude of faith in times of discouragement and to trust God in every season.

At times, we all find ourselves in seasons of waiting—for our dreams to be fulfilled, our prayers to be answered, or our circumstances to change. But your dream has an appointed time and God always has victory in store for you. And the seasons of waiting don't need to be periods of discouragement or hopelessness. Instead, they can be rich periods of joy, growth and preparation for the plans and promotion that God has in store for you.

In It's On the Way, Lisa Osteen Comes reminds readers that during these inevitable times in our lives, God is faithful and our current season is temporary. Lisa teaches readers how to press through challenges, quit taking shortcuts instead of trusting God to give you His best, allow God to fight your battles, and silence the enemy within, while giving encouragement and practical steps to take when you don't know what to do next.

From Me:

Ok, I am going to start by letting you know I have not finished the book. In fact I am not even half way through it. Every time I find a few free minutes I am picking this book up. It is bringing peace to me. The writing is interesting and makes me want to keep reading. Lisa's stories are entertaining and relatable. Some will remind you of your own life or at least that of a friend. I have been in one of my darkest times and this book brought in light and hope. That is part of why I am sharing it with you even though I haven't finished it. It is amazing. It is life changing. If you are feeling down from everything happening in the world, in your life, etc. get this book. Lisa reminds us that is God is with us and for us. She helps us turn to God in our times of need, and it truly has made me feel better.

Now I'm not going to say my life is perfect now. It isn't. I got the text my father was being taken to the hospital this morning after a fall during the night. But instead of falling deeper into the pit of despair, I was able to turn to God with pray and faith. This book is helping me feel God's peace in my heart and my mind. I was losing it with everything happening, but Lisa's words helped me find it again. I hope you will check out this book. I highly recommend it and imagine I will continue reading and re-reading it throughout my life.