The Volume -- Picture book introducing art along with science & math concepts like dots, lines, Big Bang Theory & more!


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Today I get to share a book that introduces topics like art, books, as well as geometry, infinity, the big bang and more. Needless to say this book is perfect for introducing different concepts to kids. It is a picture book but has a good amount of words in it and on a page so I'm guessing it is for grades 1-3. There is no age recommendation given by the publishers. The book is The Volume by Luis Camnitzer. 

From the Publisher:

From the dot to the line to infinity: a whimsical children’s book about space and spatiality, with colorful illustrations and a large gatefold that illuminates the story.

One very dark night, a long time ago, there was a big explosion. It was the “Big Bang.” From the “Big Bang,” a dot flew off by itself and began to explore. But all around it was empty space. The dot became lonely, so it split in two, which was fun at first. But then the two dots grew bored of each other, so they began to multiply until they formed something entirely new: a line. The line replicated until it became a surface, and the surface repeated until it became a 3-dimensional shape: the volume. A stray line then pulled off the volume and began to explore shape, color and pattern to create the magic of writing and art.

This whimsical adventure―filled with imaginative text, mind-expanding illustrations and with an impressive double gatefold “to infinity”―takes readers of all ages on a journey through concepts that are the foundation of both art and life.

Author Luis Camnitzer is a celebrated artist known for art that deconstructs accepted frameworks and exposes systems of power. In The Volume, he turns his powers of observation to familiar visual ideas and helps us to see them anew. Filled with beauty and humor, Camnitzer’s first children’s book will enlighten and delight readers of all ages.

From Me:

I love how the book goes from the "Big Bang" to a dot on a page that turns into a line and infinity to a book. The illustrations are interesting but not as detailed as many books. This book however is not about the illustrations. It is about the concepts it is introducing. It shares concepts like before and after and left and right as well as the mathematical concepts. 

I find it very interesting how the book relates the dot splitting in two to amoebas and mitosis. The book also shares words like loneliness and boredom. There are so many different concepts to discuss with kids within this book and thus many different extensions. When there are four dots the book even shows a bit about permutations. A wonderful math extension can be done with permutations and probability from this one page!

I love that the dots reproduce to an infinite number and introduces a line. Thus introducing visually what a line actually is. Now in geometry point and line are two of the three undefined words. The idea of them is given but they are not actually considered defined. However a line is made up of infinite dots next to one another. After the line comes surface which in geometry would be a plane. I love that the book talks about surface and the page being inseparable. It gives the image of a page being a plane which is an image often used in geometry class. After the surface comes the volume or book. Then there is a line left outside the volume which becomes the drawing. The drawing changes colors and shapes and is related to a chameleon--a great science extension to look at chameleons!

Of course the drawings lead one to art and art leads to writing. The book makes connections everywhere. There are other concepts and words introduced like equator, shadow, dimensions and more.  I love that the book connects art with math, science, and more. Art is all around us but it is all connected every day!

This book is fun and has many fun ways to extend it into different topics. I love the connection for art lovers to academic topics which will hopefully get kids more interested in math and science. I hope you will check it out!