We Can Talk About Encanto--Encanto-Inspired Craft & Fun Movie Facts


It seems like everyone is talking about Encanto and of course the hit song, "We Don't Talk About Bruno." Have you seen the movie yet? How many times? We have watched it a couple of times and love it. I thought it would be fun to make an Encanto-inspired candle since the candle plays such an important part of the movie. I also thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about the movie. So we will start with the fun facts.

Disney Encanto logo

Fun Facts About Encanto

  1. Encanto is Disney’s 60th released animated film.
  2. It is Disney’s first full-length animated feature to take place in Colombia. Many of the cast members are Colombian.
  3. Encanto is Spanish meaning to charm or enchantment.
  4. The song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has reached No. 1 on Spotify as well as the Billboard Top 100. This is only the second time that a song from a Disney animated film as reached No.1. “A Whole New World” from Aladdin reached No. 1 in 1993. “Let It Go” from Frozen peaked at No. 5 in 2014.
  5. Mirabel is the first main Disney-animated female character to wear glasses. One of the reasons is her name comes from the Spanish word, mira, which means look. It also is meant to symbolizes the movie’s theme of seeing things and people from different perspectives.
  6. Bruno is hidden in all of the movie’s posters.
  7. Mirabel is just 5’2”. Mirabel’s skirt is decorated with designs to honor her family—flowers for Isabela, chameleon for Antonio, sun for Pepa. The butterfly on her blouse is a nod to the family. The butterfly appears throughout the Casita but also is on the candle. It goes with the movie being about important transformations. There are even butterflies on the wallpaper in the nursery. Abuela Alma carries a chatelaine (which holds a watch and a key) that has a butterfly on it.
  8. Each of the characters outfits are nods to their powers and/or their families. Julieta’s blouse has a mortar and pestle on it showing her healing through food. Bruno’s cloak has hourglasses since he can see into the future.
  9. Encanto is the first Disney film to focus specifically on Latinx characters.
  10. Tia Pepa is the only redhead in the family.
  11. Luisa can carry seven donkeys.
  12. The most common food the Madrigal family eats is arepas de queso.
  13. Encanto is full of hidden Disney nods like hidden Mickeys. For example, in the beginning of Isabela’s song, “What Else Can I Do?,” the cacti plants from a Mickey Mouse head.
  14. Mirabel’s singing “The Family Madrigal” is the fastest singing a character has had to do in Disney history. The song itself is inspired by “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast. Both songs introduce the town and characters. It was the first song of the film that Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote so they could keep the characters straight.
  15. Abuela Alma’s verse in “The Family Madrigal” has the exact same melody as “Dos Oruguitas.”
  16. “Dos Oruguitas” is the first song Lin-Manuel Miranda ever wrote completely in Spanish.
  17. Luisa’s song “Under Pressure” was inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s older sister. He wanted to apologize for all the pressure that was on her as the oldest child in the family.
  18. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” came from the idea of every family having something they are not supposed to talk about but usually talk about all the time.
  19. “Waiting on a Miracle” is written in a completely different beat from the other songs on purpose. It is to symbolize that Mirabel is an outsider to her family.
  20. Each of the Madrigal family gifts are meant to coordinate with a specific role in a family. Julieta’s healing power through food symbolizes the passing down of family recipes. Luisa’s strength symbolizes the rock of the family. Camilo’s shape-shifting represents a teenager who is still trying to figure out his life.
  21. The filmmakers took a trip to Colombia for research.
  22. The smaller family units are color coded in the film by their clothing.
  23. The filmmakers knew they wanted the story to be about an extended family before they really started. They were working on this film before Moana hit the theaters.
  24. Before we meet Bruno, Dolores says the rats in the wall are worried about the magic. Dolores was hearing Bruno the whole time.
  25. The yellow butterflies seen in Bruno’s vision and at the very end of the movie are thought to symbolize happiness and imagination. It means good fortune is coming.
  26. There are nods to several other movies including Hercules, Titanic, Frozen, and WALL-E.


Encanto-Inspired Candle Craft

Now if you have seen the movie, you know the candle is the key to the family's magic. Disney even has an Encanto candle pin. I used a picture of it for my craft. But first let me share my inspiration for this craft. Last semester Hazel made a dragon egg candle in art class. The teacher literally put small dragon pendants inside an egg mold for the kids. He melted wax and made each student a dragon egg candle. Then the kids had to carve a design on the candle. Here is Hazel's.
They sprayed it with silver spray paint afterwards too. We will probably never burn it because of the paint. Plus Hazel is very proud of it and does not want to ruin it. Since she told me how easy it is to carve the candle I thought we could make our own Encanto candles. Here is what you need.

 I decided to use battery operated candles because I had some and find them a bit cheaper than the burning pillars. I printed out an enlarged picture of the collectible pin for guidance. You can also Google "Encanto candle" and see many images as well as purchase the design created by others. Or you can make your own design. I used the printed copy for one and designed my own for the other.

If you are using a printed design tape it to your candle. Then use your tool to carve the design. If you are not using a printed picture create your design iwth your tool.

 Now this craft can be a bit messy. If you are using battery operated candles, be sure it is the wax kind and not just plastic on the outside. The plastic ones won't be carveable. The wax breaks into pieces as you carve and and gets everywhere.

I didn't feel like you could see my design well so I wanted to add some color. I found a gold marker I have had for ages. It is like a paint marker. I traced over the carved butterfly lines with it. It has an extra fine point which made this difficult, but it was definitely easier to see the design.

Now that I had this under my belt I was ready to make my own design. I freehanded a butterfly on the smaller candle. 

For this one I used a purple permanent marker to trace the design and give it color. I chose this marker after failing with a couple of other ideas including gel pens. 

Personally, I love the idea of free handing the design and having kids make their own candle designs. They can make their own butterfly or a completely different design for their candle. I gave the smaller candle to Hazel. After all I made the theme of her 13th birthday a butterfly. We will be sharing some more butterfly crafts soon! Be sure to check out our posts featuring Colombia and these fun butterfly crafts.