The Girl With More Than One Heart -- a Middle Grades Novel about Dealing with Loss as Well as a Sibling on the Spectrum

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Today I am sharing a book that is suggested for grades 3-7. It is touching and such a real life story. It deals with death, a sibling with autism and being a 13-year-old and all life brings with it. The book is The Girl with More Than One Heart by Laura Geringer Bass. 

Being thirteen is hard enough, but imagine losing your father. Then on top of it your mother is dealing with her grief by locking herself away so now you have to take care of your younger brother who is on the autism spectrum, but hasn't totally been diagonised. Oh, and his kindergarten teacher thinks he needs to be tested and perhaps go to a special school. And yes, thirteen-year-old Briana is dealing with all of this as well as her friends treating her differently. They think her mother is strange and they start making fun of her. Yet the kids that Briana never really paid attention to are being really nice especially the one whose mother died recently. Oh, and her best friend who is male is always off with a girl Briana doesn't really like. Yup, it is middle school issues times one hundred, yet Briana finds out what true friendship is as well as the love of family. This book invites you in and then takes you on a sad but necessary journey through her grief and life. 

The character development in this book is amazing. One can feel Briana's life falling apart as well as each issue. It delves into so many parts of life and things that can happen and comes to a wonderful end. It is a book that teaches compassion as well as understanding of others. It accepts the differences of all and why that matters.

There are writing prompts provided on Abrams Books page. And below them is the Teacher's Guide written by Laura Geringer Bass. This book has so many topics that could be talked about in a classroom--from grief to friendship and then the autism awareness. Needless to say I recommend this book. The story is so well written and draws you in so that you want to find out what happens to Briana and her family.