Christian Mommy Time Review

Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I often am looking for some books to help me focus my day on Jesus. I have shared a few books that have helped and today I am sharing two more. The first is a wonderful book for any Christian mother. In today's age of the internet with social media and Pinterest it becomes hard to remember that no one lives the perfect life and no one always is perfect. Let's face it, the photographs on Pinterest as well as other social media makes everything seem perfect and wonderful. However every mother has those days where she feels much less than perfect and doesn't know where to turn and certainly doesn't want to let other know. This is the start of the message Ruth Schwenk shares in The Better Mom: Growing in Grace between Perfection adn the Mess

I love this book. It inspires me and focuses me. I gave up perfection a long time ago, but sometimes err on the side of the mess and embracing it too much. This book reminds mothers about God's love and how it unconditional. It also reminds us that we are responsible for teaching our kids about the importance of Jesus in their lives. This book shares such an importance message and it is offered in a friendly and endearing manner. Reading this book is like having a conversation with a good friend who has been through it before. The advice is flowing but so is the love. I find this book hard to put down and have really enjoyed reading it. 

Do you struggle to find time to read the Bible in your busy life? This next book will help. It is 10 Minutes in the Word: Psalms by the Zondervan Editors. I chose this book to review because I want to take more time to read the Bible myself. However Hazel has been asking to read the Bible together. This summer my plan is to spend time reading each morning with her. We have decided to use this book as our guide. In 46 days this book has you read all 150 Psalms and provides devotionals to go with them each day. I love how the devotions explain a bit of the background story for the Psalms that day and emphasize some of the important parts. It provides us a bit more than just reading the Psalms ourselves and provides some discussion openers. So I have turned this Mommy Time book into a teaching book that helps me with one of the goals of the first book. We are really enjoying this time together and it really does help emphasize what is important to our family.

I have really enjoyed these two books and am excited to share the last one with Hazel and to share both with you. I hope you will check them out. Be sure to check out some of  my other Mommy Time Christian book reviews: Turn to God's Word, A Spiritual Heritage, A Pair of Miracles, If We Make It Home, Life Creative, God Moments, At Home in My Father's House, The Jesus Prayer, and my Christian/Spiritual coloring book reviews.