Books to Introduce Young Ones to Coding

Disclosure: Penguin Random House sent me these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

There is a big push for STEM for kids and for coding. We have really enjoyed the Girls Who Code Series and now they have come out with board books about coding for babies (and toddlers). Introducing the Baby Code! Series by Melissa Horning and illustrated by Melissa Crowton. These books are an introduction to coding and what it does for young children (baby-3). The four books are a bit similar but use different things to introduce the coding concepts. I wish the books were not just about babies. I love this idea for toddlers and preschoolers, but feel a 3-year-old would be put off by the name baby throughout the books and I feel a baby is probably not going to pick up as much about coding as a preschooler would. The first book in the series is Baby Code!

The books are very simple. They share something baby does and then shares how coding works or does something similar.

Now I think a slightly older child will understand this a bit more than a baby. The book does share what coding looks like on each page though which is a good beginning for younger children to get use to it.

The next book I am sharing is Baby Code! Art. This book focuses on the child making art.

We all know a baby or young child likes to create art whether it is drawing or painting. This book takes those ideas and shares how coding relates or helps.
The books are simple but I wonder what a baby or toddler would really understand of the coding section. I know when Hazel was that young we tried to keep her away from our computer equipment and she always wanted to touch the buttons. I love that this book is a multicultural one.

The next book is about coding and music. Music is very important to a young child, so I am guessing there are some good connections here for most kids. 

When Hazel was young she loved music and loved making music. She had several toy instruments and was always playing on them. The baby in this book is the same way.
Again I love the multicultural characters. I also love how it shows some coding with newer technology like the cell phone.

The final book to share tonight is Baby Code! Play.  We know babies and young children love to play and it is important for their development.

Now how does baby play relate to coding? I know I was asking myself that.

I love the connection with the swings, but I suppose this one onlny really works for a baby since they grow out of the baby swings so early. There is a lot of recording and sharing baby playing with extended family.

These books are cute and a good introduction to coding for young kids. I wish they had named the babies instead of using baby in them all so the books would be appreciated by older kids. I also hope that they make a series for preschool age girls. I love that the families in the books are diverse. I wish the diversity was in throughout each book instead of one family for each book. I love that kids are seeing actual code, but since this age group doesn't usually read to themselves, I don't think it will do too much for them to have it on the page unless the parent/reader emphasizes it. Afterall most of these kids are not recognizing their letters yet. Overall they are fun books and a great introduction to coding and STEM, but I think they could have been geared towards slightly older kids with more impact.