Kids Like Us -- Young Adult Novel Review

Disclosure: Macmillan Publishing sent me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Today I am sharing another book that has been sitting on my bookshelf for way too long without sharing it. It is a young adult novel that delves into the world of autism.

The book is Kids Like Us by Hilary Reyl. We are thrown into the life of Martin. He is a teenager with autism. His mother is in the Hollywood film world and they are on location in France. It is not Martin's first time in France, but it he is excited to be there. The book he connects most with is Search and it takes place in France. He describes his life around this book. He is enrolled in a regular education school for the first time since nursery school and his diagnosis. Martin is the narrator and the reader gets a look into the autistic mind and life. He mixes up you and I. His thoughts, fears and obsessions are there for the reader to feel with him. On this adventure he meets kids who do not have autism and makes friends and even falls in love, but are they being nice to him like what one of his friends calls the moths who want to be around the Hollywood crowd? Could his life come crashing down on him if his friends are just interested in meeting the Hollywood stars? 

I love how this book takes you into the mind of Martin. The reader experiences his thoughts and what is happening around him in France. Luckily he speaks fluent French since his father spoke it with him. I love the experience for all to see a picture of what autism might be like. I think this is a book that should be explored in schools everywhere.  Having a good friend with an autistic child has opened my eyes but this book provides so much more insight. I hope you will check it out!! For another great resource about autism (for adults) be sure to check out A Pair of Miracles.