Doll Crafts & Finds -- a Crafty Weekends Link Party

We had another busy week, but I found some time to make some crafts for Hazel's dolls. We are currently on a Harry Potter kick so a few are related to that story as well as a new quill pen for Caroline and a new Nanea style nightgown. Hazel would like to get Nanea and Luciana, but doesn't want to wait until her birthday or Christmas (basically the same things) or until she saves the money, so we are working on some clothes and trying to use her other dolls as them. I am also going ot share the some new doll finds we have found. Let's start with the quill pen. I found Felicity's quill pen and inkwell on ebay. Hazel fell in love and wanted one for her Caroline doll. Instead of spending the $25+ on it, I decided we could make one.

I started by buying a package of small feathers. The package I bought had white, red and black feathers. I took a regular pair of scissors and cut the ends to a point and to expose the hole which would hold the ink when used. 

Then we used modeling clay, playdough and Model Magic to try different ideas for inkwells. I found a small heart cookie cutter in Hazel's clay/playdough tools and used that to make one to imitate Felicity's. I used a Sharpie marker on it for decorations because I couldn't find my paint markers. Hazel also wanted to make black ones since she and her friend often play Harry Potter with their dolls. I also made some other shapes including a star and flower. I used the pointed end of a paint brush to make the hole. 

You can see the feather size is perfect for the dolls. I found the Hogwarts uniform on ebay. All of these were air-dry clays. I found the Magic Model worked the best. The other ones all cracked a bit as you can see with the black one.

Now the other great idea we had for Harry Potter ideas for the dolls was to use wing beads and gold beads to make golden snitches. I used a bit of wire to put it together and left a loop on the back so the dolls can hold it. 

My other big craft for this week was making a nightgown for Nanea or at least a pretend Nanea. My mother gave us some tropical print fabrics and we chose this one and I used Simplicity Pattern 1486.

Hazel designed a dress with some fabric from my mother as well. She sewed it herself as well. She isn't completely happy with the final outcome because she hasn't learned to do hems and finishing edges yet. She was imaginig it for Luciana. She also really wants Luciana, but is thinking of using one of her Target dolls as her.

We also found some fun and rather cheap doll finds. We haven't done a cheap doll finds post in awhile. The other day we found these soda can lip glosses at Walmart for under $5. They are the perfect size for dolls. Saige is enjoying a strawberry pop. 

Hazel loves playing school with her dolls. We found this Mini Magic Board at Lakeshore Learning. (You can buy just one at the store and not have to buy a set of them.)

We also got a new mini notebook at Staples for $3 for Hazel's dolls. Saige is all set for school now.

So those are the doll crafts and finds we have. What fun doll finds have you found lately?

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It is time to see what you have been creating! Thank you to everyone who shared with us last party. Below are a few of the features from our party. I am sharing some party features, some various craft features and bag features. Please remember for your child-oriented crafts, activities, lessons, etc. Sharing Saturday is going on!! We have started having a monthly Sharing Saturday party for the summer, so keep coming back and sharing!  I can't wait to see what your latest creations!!


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