Surviving through our new normal--Toilet Paper Roll Craft Round Up & More!

The world is a scary place and has gotten a whole lot scarier the last few weeks. I believe we are truly afraid of the unknown. We do not know who will get the Coronavirus, who will die from it and what will happen during this time. There are predictions but it is scary. Now we are dealing with this stress and fear and our kids are home with us because it isn't safe to have them at school. And then there is the whole stores wiped out of toilet paper (and other things) going on. Craziness! 

Our life was crazy before all of this hit. Fifth grade has been very hard on Hazel. With the start of bullying and social issues the school year has been tough. Thus why I have not been posting lately. We made the decision to have her change schools. Her new school has different breaks from her old school. She is in the new school two week break right now and is starting school on Monday. Of course schools are closed through April 7th in our state. Her new school has the technology to do on-line classes so she is starting sort of. We will see how it all goes. But we are in a state of craziness all around us. It is a time for us all to slow down and take care of our own. I am staying sane by turning to God and praying often. A childhood friend, who is a minister, shared her sermon from Sunday and I found it very uplifting. I believe this disease can help change our world for the better but first we have to get through the scary part. I will not try to explain social distancing or the need for it. I have shared several amazing explanations from people in the medical field on our Facebook page. Be sure to read those if you have questions. 

I have also seen so many posts about homeschooling efforts. I get it. We aren't use to having our kids home with us 24/7 without activities to get out. But my advice to all is to think about how much stress we are all under and will be under. I don't think it is necessary for us to become the teachers of our kids. If your school gave your kids work or has on-line classes they should participate. Treat the schoolwork how you would treat summer work or homework. Don't add the stress onto your family. Instead use this time for quality family time. Think about reading together, crafts, walks (without seeing others), doing puzzles, etc. Try to stay calm and enjoy the time as a family. 

Now on that note I thought I would have some fun with crafts. Since people are hoarding the toilet paper that means we will have lots of toilet paper rolls to use in crafts. I thought I would share a round up of toilet paper roll crafts but first let me share a new one with you. Before the craziness I was reading Country Living Magazine April 2020, and saw this beautiful "Dogwood Social" on page 32. It had beautiful ideas including a dogwood punch and place setting. I loved the napkin rings. You can see it here. I was shocked to see they cost $100 for a set of four. I cannot imagine spending that much on napkin rings and certainly do not have the money to. On the same page they had a cute favor box with a paper dogwood on top if it with a tutorial to make it. I decided I would make my own napkin ring. My favorite thing to use for napkin rings are toilet paper rolls. 

I wanted to find a paper dogwood flower that I could share with you. I found this crepe paper dogwood flower tutorial on YouTube. My painting needs some help though. Here are the supplies I used.
I didn't have the correct crepe paper but found some white streamers and green tissue paper to use. I put a pink ribbon around the toilet paper roll ring. I cut the ring slightly smaller in width than the width of the ribbon. Overall I am happy with how it turned out. If I wasn't practicing social distancing I would run out to Dollar Tree to see if they have some pink napkins that I could try stamping but instead I used my pink tulip napkins.

Now if dogwood flower napkin rings are not your thing or you are working with younger kids, here is a huge selection of toilet paper crafts and activities. 

TP Roll Activities

These fun activities are meant for younger kids. Many work on fine motor or gross motor skills. 
1) From Active Littles: Easy Toilet Paper Roll Activities for Kids
2) From Laughing Kids Learn: Threading Cardboard Beads
3) From Best Toys 4 Toddlers: Tunnel Race with Pom Poms
4) From Best Toys 4 Toddlers: Pom Pom Fine Motor Target
5) From 3 Dinosaurs: Paper Roll Themed Gross Motor Dice
6) From Picklebums: DIY Cardboard Tube Construction Toy
7) From Laughing Kids Learn: Fine Motor Threading
8) From LalyMom: Snipping Sammy Scissors
9) From Laughing Kids Learn: Cutting Paper Hair on Cardboard Dolls
10) From 3 Dinosaurs: Pom Pom Paper Roll Catapult (not shown)

TP Roll Music Makers

Here are some fun crafts that will become music makers. Perfect for younger kids.
1) Maracas
2) Kazoo
3) From Picklebums: DIY Music Shaker

TP Roll Painting

Using toilet paper rolls as a paint brush with these fun ideas. Again this category is for the younger child.

1) From Natural Beach Living: Easy Easter Bunny Crafts for Preschoolers
2) From 3 Dinosaurs: Paper Roll Stamped Earth
3) From Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: Circle Painting
4) Painting with Recycled Objects
5) From Taming Little Monsters: Paper Roll Stamp Flowers
6) From 3 Dinosaurs: Easy to do Paper Roll Flowers
7) From 3 Dinosaurs: Paper Roll Snowman
8) From 3 Dinosaurs: Paper Roll Flowers

TP Rolls for Holidays

Here are some ideas for holidays including today--St. Patrick's Day.
1) From Rhythms of Play: Toilet Paper Roll Shamrocks
2) Toilet Paper Roll Easter Story Set

3) Toilet Paper Roll Nativity Set

TP Animal Crafts

There are many toilet paper animal craft ideas out there. Here are some that I put together for you. I broke them up into animals and birds.

1) Our Zoo
2) From Taming Little Monsters: Epic Giraffe
3) From Red Ted Art: Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe Marionettes 
4) From Artsy Craftsy Mom: Toilet Paper Pig
5) From Red Ted Art: Koala Bear
6) From Red Ted Art: Lion
7) From Laughing Kids Learn: Billy Goats Gruff
8) From Taming Little Monsters: Flower Pot Easter Bunnies
9) Fireflies
10) From Crafts on Sea: Cute Dog
11) Cats
12) From Homeschool Preschool: Bee Craft
13) From Look We're Learning: Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft
14) Butterflies

1) Turkey Centerpieces
2) Birds in a Nest
3) From Homeschool Preschool: Bald Eagle
4) From Fun Handprint Art: Snowy Owl Handprint Craft
5) Turkey Napkin Ring 
6) Owl
7) From Artsy Momma: Pretty Peacock
8) From 3 Dinosaurs: Peacocks
9) From Artsy Craftsy Mom: Toilet Paper Owl Craft (Not Shown)

TP Roll People

Here are some fun crafts of people made out of tp rolls!

1) From Moms & Crafters: Clown Puppet
2) Kokeshi Doll
3) From Moms & Crafters: Toilet Paper Roll Clothespin Puppets
4) From The Gingerbread House: Toilet Roll Angels
5) From Artsy Craftsy Mom: Cardboard Tube Pirate and Parrot

TP Roll Characters & Make-Believe

Here are some characters as well as those animals that are not real (monsters, unicorns).
1) From The Joy of Sharing: Cardboard Tube Monsters
2) From Red Ted Art: Paddington Bear
3) From Simple Everyday Mom: Toilet Paper Roll Olaf
4) From Crafts on Sea: Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn
5) From Red Ted Art: Unicorns

TP Roll Buildings

Here are some fun ideas for buildings and homes for all your little friends!
1) From Moms & Crafters: Toadstool House Lanterns
2) Dutch Windmill
3) From Finding Myself Young: 5 Minute Toilet Paper Roll Houses
4) From Red Ted Art: Ice Castle
5) From Rhythms of Play: Recycled Birdhouse Craft
6) From Messy Little Monster: Fairy House Luminaries

Misc. TP Roll Crafts

Now I have a miscellaneous category for you. Some of these crafts are useful and some are just fun. There is something here for everyone. I broke it into two groups for ease of sharing!

1) From Glitter on a Dime: Cardboard Tube Bird Feeders
2) From Pink Stripey Socks: Two Bird Feeder Crafts
3) From Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: 3-Dimensional Trees
4) Tree Crafts for Arbor Day
5) From The Homespun Hydrangea: Color Changing Fire Starters
6) Confetti popper
7) From Best Toys 4 Toddlers: Tin Foil Bangles
8) From Laly Mom: Cardboard Impact Hammer Toy
9) Binoculars

1) From Toot's Mom Is Tired: Toilet Paper Roll Race Cars
2) Patriotic Rockets and Fireworks
3) From Look We're Learning: Easy Rockets
4) TP Roll Flower
5) From Pink Stripey Socks: Toilet Paper Roll Airplanes
6) From Red Ted Art: Toilet Paper Roll Watches
7) Easy Napkin Rings

For even more ideas be sure to check out our review of 51 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes. I hope you and your family stay safe and well. Please slow down and take the time to play and enjoy your kids. It is a scary time and if we are all stressed out our kids will pick up on it. They will be scared and will act up if they sense our fear. So please remember to give them love and quality time.