Sewing Books for National Craft Month

Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books in return for an honest review. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. The links are affiliate links where I will receive a small percentage of any purchases made through them at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Crafty Moms Share!

I am continuing with my craft books reviews. Today we are focusing on sewing. I have three books that include home decor, clothes, and doll clothes. I know I have plans to do some more sewing now that I am stuck at home. We will start with home decor. 
Home Decor Using Grommets
Our first book is Home Decor Using Grommets by Billie Steward. I love how many different projects are in this book. They range from pillows and window treatments to storage and more! Here is the table of contents. You can see the variety of projects it has.
Now using grommets requires special tools. The tool also depends on the size of grommet you are using. As a result I didn't try any of these projects because I wasn't ready to invest in the tools and then store them. My craft room already needs lots of sorting and organizing and I don't want to add to it. I love the ribbon boxes and scarf and purse keeper. The phone charging station is also wonderful. 

Which is your favorite of the projects? Do you want to try some grommet projects? Grommets are so in right now!

Our next book is A Stylish Guide to Classic Sewing by Sarah Gunn and Julie Starr. This book looks at 30 garments and gives tips for making them. It does not provide patterns except for the one project. It is divided by types of clothes: Skirts, Tops, Dresses, Pants, Outerwear, and then a special chapter that includes pajamas and a wrap. The one project is a pencil skirt. I did not get the pull-out pages with my review copy so I have not tried this pattern. The book however provides examples of the clothes finished and provides the pattern numbers (and brand) that was used. The book also gives history about the piece of clothing, characteristics of the style, sewing tips, fabric suggestions, how to style it and who wore the style. 

The illustrations throughout the book are mixed between illustrations and photographs. I love how this book takes classic styles with a modern twist. And of course there is a reason they are classic styles. They tend to look great on women! I hope you will check out this fun book.

Our final book for tonight is Me & My 18" Doll by Erin Hentzel. This book provides 20+ outfits, accessories, and quilts for your girl and her doll. I know Hazel has always loved having matching outfits with her dolls. Unfortunately these patterns only go through size 12 and Hazel is much bigger now. The quilts and accessories however still work. 
The book has two quilts as well as a quilted suitcase (all in sizes for girl and doll) as well as handbags, headbands, dresses, skirts, tops, pinafores and pajamas. We looked at the pajamas and they reminded us a bit of the 1930's baby doll pajamas. Hazel owns Kit and she only has a flannel nightgown for her so she was excited to get summer pajamas for her. We looked at our 1930ish fabrics and chose a cute duck one. 

The only thing I didn't do was sew on the two buttons on the shorts. They have a mock placket where the buttons go.

The pattern will work for play shorts as well for both the doll and girl. This book comes with full-sized patterns. The girl patterns are on many different pages that need to be put together. The instructions were easy to follow. I am quite happy with how they came out.

Next I think I will make one of the doll quilts in this book. Really I like many of the clothes in it. I wish Hazel could fit into more of them!

So if you are a sewer I hope you will check out some of these amazing books! Happy crafting! Stay safe at home!