Savoring Memories with Photowall

Disclosure: I was sent this canvas for no charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

COVID-19 is scary. This week someone I knew died and his wife doesn't know because she is in the hospital fighting the disease as well. There is so much information and misinformation floating around and it can be hard to know what to believe and what not to. I keep turning to my faith to reassure me. But I also keep my family close. I also have been trying to focus on happier times. Hazel had a week off in February from school and the only thing she wanted for Christmas and her birthday was a family trip to Disney World. We went and had a wonderful family vacation. We spent two days going to the parks--Magic Kingdom and Epcot and two days by the pool and shopping. We stay at a wonderful time share down there that has a full kitchen and laundry facilities right in the unit. It is in Kissimmee so it is away from the park craze. Within a couple weeks of our return we were changing Hazel's school and going into social distancing. Plus I had to buy a new car in the mix. Talk about crazy!! Well now I want to hold on to our happy memories of our family trip and I was offered a product from Photowall.  After talking it over with Steve and Hazel we decided to let Hazel pick a photo to make into a canvas. I liked the idea of a wall mural but didn't think Steve would go for it and Hazel thought it would be too much. We decided to upload our own photo for a canvas. After going back and forth between photos she decided on this one of her with Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). We uploaded it and chose a Photowall Canvas

The company is located in Europe so I wasn't sure how the shipping would work out. We ordered it on Tuesday of last week and it arrived on Friday evening of the same week. Talk about fast service!! It came unassembled which made me nervous. I asked Steve to help me assemble it.

It actually was very easy to assemble. The wooden frame pieces have sticky tape on them to attach to the canvas. The white envelope holds pieces to secure the corners of the frame once folded in. And it comes with clear instructions!
First you put the wooden frames in the center of each edge. The corners of the canvas are pre-cut/ripped for ease in the assembly process. You fold them up on to the frames. Then you fold the wooden frame pieces down to create the mitered corner frame.
We put the brackets in and only one screw on each side of all four brackets first to make sure we had them lined up correctly. Once we completed this we added the other two screws to each bracket.

It also came with a hanger to attach, but we didn't since most of our canvases don't have them. We flipped it over and admired the photo. I hung it on a wall for us to see how it looks. It is HUGE!! Here is a photo of me in front of it. (One of my friends is doing themed dress days while we are social distancing and this was me on destination day. Our destination was Disney!--By the way themed dress days are making the whole safe at home thing even more fun!) 
As you can see it is huge!! Now Hazel has to decide where she wants to hang it. She hasn't chosen the spot in one of her rooms. If she doesn't decide soon it will stay here and we will hang the family picture that was there in our hallway. By the way, our canvas print is beautiful. I have had trouble getting a good photo of it so you can see it clearly. The quality is wonderful. It is my bad photography/lighting that makes it look a bit blurry.

So things to do while you are safe at home, look through your family vacation photos. Reminisce about the good times. Then head over to Photowall and check out their amazing products. Have a print made of your favorite photo to remember you wonderful family time. And save money using this code: craftymomsshare2021!! The code is good for a month (until the end of April 2020) and gives you 25% off.