The Adventure Bible Book of Daring Deeds and Epic Creations Review

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Do you look for ways for your child to understand the Bible but have fun? Want some everyday activities and crafts that tie into lessons from the Bible? I have the book for you! It is The Adventure Bible Book of Daring Deeds and Epic Creations by Sherry Kyle. 

This book offers 60 activities. The activities are everyday things like pitch a tent, start a fire, make a balloon rocket and other crafts you may have seen previously. However this book takes these everyday things that kids love and relates them to the Bible and its lessons. Each activity has wonderfully written instructions and a "Think about This" box as well as a scripture to go with the lesson.

As you can see in this sample page, it gives the materials needed and steps to make a fun craft. Then there is the "Think about This" box. It relates the craft to God wanting to make impressions on us. What an important lesson. Then it ends with scripture. What I love about this book is it gives kids things to do and to think about to relate everyday to lessons about God and the Bible. Most of the activities kids can do on their own. However I also could see them being valuable experiences to do together and talk about the "Think about This" box. 

I started making the Paper Plate Aquarium. Hazel saw me cutting the circle out of the plate and asked what I was making. When I showed her the picture in the book, she wanted to do it. She designed the inside of the aquarium and I started another craft. The Hazel and I glued the items in and put the fish on strings. She loves it!! I loved how the book related this fun craft to Jesus telling the discples to be fishers of men. 
I started the Toilet Paper Roll Flowers as well. Hazel was kind enough to paint it for me. It is still drying so it is not complete. I love how they look though, and the book relates this craft to how the flowers in Galilee were wild during Biblical times but God took care of them, and we are more important to God than flowers so He will take care of us as well. 

This book shares some fun crafts and activities that will be new to your child and ties them into Bible lessons. I love that kids can do them by him or herself or it can be a family or class activity. The activities help bring the Bible to life for kids. I hope you will check it out. We LOVE it!!