Life According to Og the Frog Review -- Blog Tour

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Today we get to participate in the blog tour for Betty G. Birney's newest book: Life According to Og the Frog. You may have heard of her other book(s): The World According to Humphrey. She has done a lot more than just one book about Humphrey. I haven't read any of them, but after reading about Og the Frog, I cannot wait to get my hands on them. 
There is a new pet in Room 26 and Humphrey is trying to figure out the new guy. Mrs. Brisbane has taken on Og the Frog after he had trouble with the class frog in Room 27. Og is trying to figure out what has happened. One moment he was resting in the sun in the swamp and the next the world was dark and he eventually ended up in a tank in a classroom. He is trying to figure out Humphrey and what he is saying plus there is this new job--class pet. What does it really mean? Then there is the debate of whether he should remain in the class or be returned to the wild. While the class debates Og isn't exactly sure he what he wants either. Life sure is confusing outside the swamp.

This middle grade book is fun, and I love that it is the point of view of the frog. He describes his feelings and what he witnesses in his own language. There are expressions like the big tadpoles (the kids) and "What in the swamp". There is humor and amazement and of course there are topics of growing up. In the class there is a girl who just got moved to a new foster home and is having trouble making friends. There is the class clown and the best friends who are fighting and so many more issues. This book is fun to read and I can see a middle grades (grades 3-7) will enjoy. It would also be a great book for early elementary teachers to read to the class.  I hope you will check it out! It is being released July 3, 2018!!