Doodles, Creations and Calm for Tween Girls and More

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School is out for summer as of Wednesday!! I know this summer I will hear at some point: "I'm  bored!" Today I am going to share two books that are perfect for those moments for crafty tweens and others. The first book is Create! A Girl's Guide to DIY, Doodles & Design by Ashley May. 

This fun book is divided into three sections: DIY, Doodles and Design. The DIY section is full of fun crafts for any tween. They use inexpensive items and are fresh new ideas that you have not seen everywhere. Some are Christian crafts like this Cross String Art.

We used a piece of wood (well actually a wooden picture) and painted it. Then Hazel picked the string colors. She is going to hang it in her room. The description of the craft says "Make this craft to remind yourself that even when life feels all tangled up, Jesus' love for you is never-ending." I love that message for a tween girl and it is perfect for a string art craft! There are also more everyday crafts in the book like this DIY Counter Organizer.

I painted the edges of the plates. The sample in the book used small gem stickers. It is perfect for organizing the top of Hazel's dresser. We are always looking for a way to store her headbands. I love this idea for it. 

In the Doodles section there are coloring pages, instructions to create your own coloring pages, and various instructions to draw different things. Again there are some everyday items as well as some Christian oriented ideas. The Design section has all sorts of ideas like reverse applique, tye die and creating things from clothes and more. This book is packed full with so many great ideas and things to create that a tween girl will love it!!

Our next book is perfect for the doodler who dreams of travel! It is Doodles Journeys: A Fill-In Journal for Everyday Explorers by Dawn Devries Sokol. This book has an introduction, how to use this book and a travel toolkit and then three chapters: Doodle Drills, Imaginary Trips, and Real Journeys. The travel toolkit provides ideas of what to pack to bring with you to doodle and use this book wherever you go.

The chapters have different activities to go with the topics. For example the Doodle Drills includes things like "Take Your Pencil for a Walk."

It also includes things like this World of Squares. 

Now that you have practiced your doodles and are in a creative mind let's move onto Imaginary Trips. It includes things like Imagination Station. 

This section gets the doodlers creative juices flowing. It has so many things like doodling your own country and more. The final section is to put your memories of real trips.

I know Hazel is always looking for a place to keep her own memories. I love this book and how it has a bit for everyone--people who travel and people who dream of traveling. It is perfect for your creative tweens.

I hope you will check out these amazing books for your tweens and also be sure to check out this post with another book for doodlers