New Graphic Novels for Different Ages

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This past year I have gotten to know some kids who unlike my daughter do not really like reading. I keep trying to tell them they need to find the right books for them. Many of them seem to enjoy graphic novels. And let's face it, graphic novels seem to be very popular with all sorts of readers. For awhile I saw graphic novels for middle school kids or young adult, but now they have ones for all sorts of different ages. The first book I am sharing with you today is recommended for grades 1-3. It is perfect for your beginning readers who may be a bit reluctant to read. It is Hammy and Gerbee: Mummies at the Museum by Wong Herbert Yee. 

This fun book takes us into the rodent world. Friends Hammy and Gerbee are off to school and get to go on a field trip to the museum. While the class visits the Ancient Egpyt section Hammy and Gerbee use the bathroom and get an idea to scare the class and end up saving the day. 

The story is perfect for the younger readers. The words are easy and the storyline is good for younger kids. It has the girls in the neighborhood and class and the boy main characters find them annoying. The story itself is also sweet. It really reminds me of a book for younger elementary. 

Our next book is recommended for grades 4-6. It is All Summer Long by Hope Larson. Bina is coming of age. Her best friend, Austin, is away for an entire month this summer and he no longer wants to do their summer fun index, and he is acting weird. She is bored all summer. Nothing is the same and there is no one to do things with. She turns to her love of music and playing the guitar. How does a tween entertain herself while trying to figure out what is going on with her best friend who is male and opposite from her? 

At what age does friendship between boys and girls change? How do those changes happen and play out? This book hits it as well as just growing up. Life changes as kids get older. How does one deal with the changes? This book gives a great view of problems kids have every day in growing up. It is a great story and has interesting twists and turns. It is well written and definitely worth a read.

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