Annie B., Made for TV Review

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What does your summer look like? Do you go away? Do your kids go to camp? Hazel doesn't like to go to camp and since I don't work during the summer I can keep her home. She however LOVES to read. We really do not have to worry about her summer reading. She does it on her own. We always sign up for our public library's summer reading program as well as pick up the summer reading program sheet over at Barnes and Noble. She loves reading to get a free book there. So needless to say I will be sharing lots of book ideas for your kids to read this summer. Even if your child is not a superreader there is something out there and reading helps stop the summer slide! The first is a middle grades book (grades 3-7). It is Annie B., Made for TV by Amy Dixon. 

Annie B. has the best friend who wins absolutely everything. You know the type. The one who wins all the awards and is super athletic and beautiful. Annie however lives in her own dreamworld inventing ideas for new things to make the world easier. She also makes up infomercials for her inventions. Now if she can just get one of them made and on tv. Her chance finally happens. There is a new kids' news show being filmed her in her city. She is ready to audition for an anchor and with the help of her best friend she is sure she can do it, but then of course everything goes wrong. Will she be able to be on television and will her keep her best friend? 

This book has it all--the trials of growing up, friendship issues, and hilarious moments and informercials for products that do not even exist yet. The reader will be entertained and find it a fun read. Annie is hilarious and thoughtful at the same time. It is the perfect summer read since it is so entertaining and also puts forth so many things that happen in the middle grade years as we grow up. I hope you will check it out!! I know it is a perfect summer read.