New Year's Eve Birthday Bash Ideas

Disclosure: Oriental Trading sent me these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Hazel and I are always talking about ideas for birthday parties. Our big plans for this year's party was to do an American Girl Beforever Party. However with her new school she wants to invite the boys so we needed to change the theme. We came up with a New Year's Eve Birthday Bash. All of our planning was basically thrown away and we started fresh. We went to check things out over at Oriental Trading in their birthday section. We had fallen in love with these Pink and Gold Birthday Party Dinner Plates and planned the party around them. (We had chosen them for the American Girl party as well.)

Beginning with these plates we made our own invitations. Hazel wanted to emboss them or rather have me emboss them since she was tired when it came time. We came up with these.

I created the 9 at The words on it include things about birthdays and New Year's Eve. We invited Hazel's entire class and a couple of older kids that she plays with at recess and some of her friends from church. We still have some we haven't heard from but so far everyone is coming. 

Along with the plate I fell in love with the Pink and Gold Tulle Centerpiece which Oriental Trading has a tutorial to make. I changed it a bit. I used a taller vase (I got it at the Dollar Tree) and added some pink glitter as well as the gold glitter on it. I also used more the Gold Glittery Star Wands in ours. I cut some of them. The secret to cutting them is putting some clear tape where you want to cut and cut through it. Otherwise the gold fabric around the stick frays and bunches. I put the strings on the Pink Tulle Pom-Pom Decorations through gold straws. I tied a couple of knots at the end so they wouldn't fall out. Then we fluffed the pom-pom up. 

Now since it is a New Year's Eve Birthday Bash, we also wanted things for the New Year's Eve theme. We got these Gold and Silver Fringe Blowouts as noisemakers for them. 
We also got a set of the Glow-in-the-Dark 2018 Glasses. Aren't they fun?

For decorations we got two Sequined Gold Hanging Lantern and LED Hanging Paper Lantern Party Lights

Hazel loved seeing the gold one with the light. It is so fun!! We also got Light Pink Glitter Hanging Paper Lanterns. We discovered the glitter is not as noticeable when the lights are in them. We have not decided exactly where we will hang them, but we are thinking perhaps in a room where we will not need the lights in the pink ones. 

Now we also are using some other things we have found locally or have around the house (or for another review). We just received these Gold Paper Chargers for another holiday review but have enough to use with the party plates. I love how they look!!

I use to have an annual New Year's Eve party so I have all sorts of New Year's decorations--banners, garlands, and more. I am letting Hazel chose what we use from my supplies. I also found this mirrored ball ornament. Hazel wants to have a dance party portion of the party.

I think I am going to hang one from the chandelier over our entrance as well. I also found this gold ball ornament. Hazel and I love it!! I think it will hang over our dining room table.

I also made three gold glitter wreaths after seeing Bird's Party sharing her copper wreaths at Sharing Saturday. I bought some glitter tulle and small wreaths. I wrapped the tulle around the wreath form and glued it at the end. 

I am going to hang them along my china cabinet. We are thinking the outside ones will be on short pieces of tulle and the middle one will hang lower.

For activities we are going to have a hat decorating station and confetti popper maker station for the kids to do as they arrive. 

I saw several tutorials for making the confetti poppers. They are made with a toilet paper roll (I cut mine in half) and a balloon. I added in decorative Duct tape to secure the balloon and decorate the popper. I am going to get some gold sparkle Duct tape for the party, but found this one in our house. Blow the balloon up and release the air. Then tie a knot in it and cut the balloon about half way up the widest area. Put the balloon with the know in it around one end of the toilet paper roll and secure with the Duct tape. Add confetti. To use it you pull on the knot and the confetti comes out as you release it.

Hazel really wants to play musical chairs. Then we will serve pizza and have a hot chocolate bar. For the cups I found covered hot paper cups. We are making our own sleeves from recycled ones. I covered them with tissue paper and then am printing out round pink labels with each child's name on it so the cups won't get mixed up.

Next we are planning on playing charades with various New Year's traditions from around the world. We will give each player a list of traditions so they will have some idea. 

We are also planning a snack bar which will include skewers of 12 grapes (for Spain's tradition), trail mix for safe travels in 2018, chocolate kisses for midnight kisses, fruit to make 2018 sweet, star cookies to let your light shine, Smart Food to keep you smart in 2018, etc. 

We are planning a balloon drop and then a balloon stomp and toast with sparkling juice (and a use for noisemakers). We will even pull out other types of noisemakers for the kids. We have some of the mini tambourines leftover from a few years ago and the mini maracas from September's review as well as some Chinese noisemakers for our Chinese New Year review (in January). Our plan for cake is to make cupcakes displayed as a clock pointing to almost midnight. This will be served after the toast. 

I will be sure to share the pictures after the party, so stay tuned!! I'll let you know how our plans turn out. In the mean time be sure to check out Oriental Trading for your New Year's Party Supplies and Birthday Party Supplies