Christmas Fun -- a Merry Monday Review

Disclosure: I was sent these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Well today I am going to share our final Merry Monday review. I have saved some great ones for the end. Is your child counting the days until Christmas? I know Hazel is. She is so excited and anxious for the holidays. Today's products and free printable games will be perfect to help calm her a bit or at least distract her. Our first book is Christmas Paper Play by Lydia Crook. 

This book is packed full of fun activities to keep your little ones busy and entertained while they are counting down the days. There are things like making a mini paper chain, an Advent calendar, three-dimensional decorations, stockings, and more. There is even a letter to Santa to fill in and mail.

It has games and puzzles as well. There are dot-to-dots and more. There are so many crafts as well. There are origami crafts, coloring projects and lots of cutting and gluing.
This book reminds me of my favorite book from my childhood only mine was an everyday book. I love all the creative projects in this book and can imagine a child or children spending hours doing the different projects.

Our next book is from National Geographic Kids and it is Weird but True Christmas. Now we have loved some of the past Weird but True books. This one is focused on facts about Christmas and winter. Check out this video to see some of the fun facts.

Now one of the things Hazel and her class have been loving is I send "Did you know..." notes in her lunch. She shares them daily with the class. I shared my original source and some I made here. I also made up some using facts from this book. You can download your own set here. These facts are so fun and strange that it gets you wondering about the world and how things are elsewhere. Plus it gets you in the mood for Christmas and snow. 

Our final thing to share is a family activity for the season. One of our favorite things to do is to go check out the various Christmas light displays. There is one street near us where three houses in a row have massive lights in front, sides and back yards. We love to just drive through some of the neighborhoods to see them all. I thought it would be fun to have an activity to do while looking. I first made a light scavenger hunt. This is a perfect activity for a small family like mine. I also made six Christmas Light BINGO boards for those with more kids. The idea of both are to mark the lights you see and see if you can find them all or find five in a row on your card. You can download your copy here. Hazel is very excited to check out the scavenger hunt with me the next time we go out for a drive to see the lights. I would love to hear what your family thinks if you try them!!

I hope you will check out these great books and enjoy our Christmas light games!!