Birds for Our Nests

Yesterday I shared our many bird nests that we have been making. I showed you the start of our yarn nests, but they still had to dry before we could pop the balloons and see how they came out. We popped the balloons this morning and made some birds for them. We used Betsy from Tippytoe Crafts lovely Roly Poly Birdies tutorial.She shared these at Sharing Saturday a couple of weeks ago.
We didn't venture downstairs to get different paper colors, but we had the feathers upstairs so Hazel had fun making many with different colored feathers.

These are very easy birds to make. They are construction paper strips rolled and then glue on the feet and beak (also cut of construction paper) and googly eyes and then glue a feather or two on each side of the roll for the wings. Aren't they cute?

Last night we read another new library book, If I Never Forever Endeavor by Holly Meade. It is a great book about a bird deciding whether to take his first flight or to stay in his safe comfy nest. He weighs the pros and cons of both and then decides to give it a try and of course loves flying and meets a friend. Very cute book about taking major life steps.

Ok, I think we will move onto something besides birds and nests for a bit. Hope you are having a great day!!

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  1. These birds are so cute! The nest is too.

  2. They are adorable! Thanks for linking back to me. I'm enjoying your bird posts!

  3. These have to be the cutest birds ever! I love the nest too.


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