Sunflowers, Seeds, and More

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After our mini-vacation we came home to see how much our plants have grown. We need to begin repotting some of them and planting some new seeds.
We also got to finally see some growth in our fourth seed container (half milk container) of celery plants!
We also were able to finish, well almost finish some of our sunflower crafts. Hazel also posed with her flower mask.

Then we got working on our Mother's Day gifts and added some pictures and I printed out the You Are My Sunshine with the specific names. Now I need to buy some magnetic strip for the back and attach the songs to the flowers. I got these ideas from DLTK.
For Me
For Hazel's Godmother
For Daddy
Hazel wanted to make one for Daddy and Pop as well, so I guess they will also be Father's Day gifts. I am thinking of covering them in clear contact paper just to give them more strength before I put the magnetic strips on and attach the songs. Aren't they cute? Here is how I finished them:
Covered in clear contact paper and added two adhesive magnets
A finished product
We are all set for Mother's Day and Father's Day now!
We also had a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Mallard. While at the Cape I visited the Birdwatcher's General Store and asked for advice on what to feed the ducks. We bought some cracked corn and they seem to love it!
Hazel and I also played outside and she decided we were taking the train to the zoo. On the train she gave out diamonds. These are my two--a white one and a blue one. Love her imagination!!

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  1. I love all your flower ideas! And how fun to have the ducks visiting! Thanks for linking up at Teach Me Tuesday!!

  2. We are growing sunflowers too! Lovely magnets!

  3. I love the pictures framed with the petals. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.

  4. So adorable!!! Perfect idea for Mother's Day:) Thanks so much for sharing at Two Sasters!!

  5. Growing pumpkins and watermelon sounds like so much fun!! Thank you for sharing.


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