Easter Celebrations

We have had a lovely weekend celebrating Easter. My parents came to visit and Hazel has been in her glory. On Saturday we went to church for the Easter Fun Day. I will share more about this tomorrow, but while there she was given a gift from one of our friends.
Rainbow sheep that she needle felted and the book Rainbow Sheep by Kim Chatel. Thank you, Barbara!!
The book is a wonderful story about a shepherdess and her sheep. They live through a week of rain and are all muddy when a sad rainbow comes out. The shepherdess tells the rainbow how she stays happy--often using some imagination of what might live in the forest and water below. Finally she gets the rainbow happy--so happy she is laughing so hard she cries and turns the tears turn the sheep colors. At the end of the book are instructions to make the sheep. All the pictures are needle felted and it is a lovely book and story.

Then at church on Sunday Hazel was given another gift. A few weeks ago when Hazel and I were cooking she asked if I could make her a can opener for her kitchen. Ok, I haven't made it yet, but said well what would you open with it. We decided to ask our friend, Jack, to make her a wooden can. Well, he of course agreed and made her not only one can, but three and more.
They are all labeled with Miss Hazel's Soup or Hazel's Soup. One even says home cooked and made with love and kisses. Aren't they wonderful?

He made her an apple and some eggs as well as blocks and wooden balls.
Sorry the picture of the wooden balls didn't come out. But wasn't this a great gift. Needless to say, Hazel loves it!! Thank you, Jack and Donna!!

Hazel was also extremely excited to receive two books from her aunt. She got two of her favorites and recognized them when opening them from their backs. She got Ant and Grasshopper by Luli Grey and Sheila Rae the Brave by Kevin Henkes. I posted about the Ant and Grasshopper here. We still need to make Ant's house for Hazel. We love Kevin Henkes books. We fell in love with his Little White Rabbit last year and then My Garden. This year we have loved his Chrysanthemum and Sheila Rae, The Brave. His writing always shows imagination and these two also show some normal children fears and life. For a short time Hazel's Ducky was named Chrysanthemum after the book's character.

Anyway, that is all for today. I hope you are having a wonderful day!! Tomorrow I'll share more about our family activities this weekend for Happy Family Times!


  1. What wonderful gifts! And the book about the rainbow and the sheep sounds great. I will look it up at our library :-)

  2. The rainbow sheep are wonderful, how cute!! The soup cans are also great, what nice surprises! :)


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