Kids Valentine Swap

You may remember I put together a Valentine Swap for kids back around Valentine's Day. I was waiting for all the Valentines to arrive, but if they haven't arrived by now, they are not going to.


We had seven children participate in the Kids' Valentine Swap. One from England, one from Australia, and the other 5 from the United States: Massachusetts, Nevada (2 here), California, and Texas. There ages ranged from two to ten.

Here is a map to show you where they all came from.

To participate you needed to send a homemade Valentine to each of the other six children and a postcard of something from the area where you live.
From Massachusetts
From England
Two from Nevada

From Australia
From California
I know Hazel loved getting the mail and it was a lot of fun to see different crafts and different parts of the world through post cards.

Happy Palm Sunday, Everyone!!

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  1. Thanks for organising the valentines swap - Master D had lots of fun making his and receiving them too!


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