Getting ready for Easter

Yesterday in our class at the Cape Ann Waldorf School the mothers made some wool roving chicks while the children colored. To make them you wrap some wool roving around two fingers three times tightly and then tie it like it is a package with dental floss in both directions. Then cut the roving to fluff it up and trim as you want. Add a wool beak and feet and sew them on with a few stitches. That's it.

 We also tried out Kara's idea from Pam's Party Planning & Practical Tips. This was one of my features last Sharing Saturday. It was very easy to do. I needle felted Hazel two eggs for her birds nest and she for the most part put it all together with a little guidance from me.
We also tried out the carrot pizzas that I featured from the last Sharing Saturday. This came from Hungry Happenings. Hazel had fun making these.

We also made some Rice Krispies Easter Eggs. I had shown Hazel a few choices to make Rice Krispie treats in Easter style and this is what she picked. We followed this recipe. We need to decorate ours still, but they taste delicious.
Then Hazel wanted to have a tea party, so we did. If we knew Daddy would be home so soon after it we would have waited for him, but we thought he would be longer with his dentist appointment.

We of course tried out our snacks at the tea party.

Today we will work on cleaning up the place and decorating eggs--both real eggs and Rice Krispie Treat ones. Please come back and share with us for Sharing Saturday and check out the great things that were shared last week. Lots of amazing ideas!! Also check out our Happy Family Times Link Party for sharing some of your great ideas for family time.


  1. Congrats on being "One Lovely Blog"! I am not familiar with all of the blogs you are passing it on to. I will have to check them out.

  2. Awww, thanks, Carrie! Someday soon I will have to pass this along and check out the other blogs on this list! For now, I'm super-flattered and excited! Thanks so much! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  3. Thanks for the award! Your Easter snacks look very yummy I love the carrot pizza, and of course rice krispie treats are always tasty! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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