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An Easy DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar

Awhile ago I was checking out what new Christmas products Oriental Trading has as well as doing some research for birthday party themes. I came across this Advent calendar and it inspired today's craft. I used one of those small white boards but make sure it is magnetic. I bought one at Staples because there were not any magnetic ones in stock at the time at Five Below. The Dollar Tree didn't have any magnetic ones that I could find. This one came with a white magnet so I knew it was magnetic. I also used washi tape, permanent markers, ribbon, a small magnet, and miniature ornaments (that I bought ages ago). I

Thanksgiving Crafts & Games Past and Present

We did this fun and easy craft this year so far. We got the idea from Crafts for Thanksgiving by Kathy Ross.
 We changed the craft a bit because I wanted to put the corn on something stiffer than felt. I had these natural wood pieces and thought they would look nice and work well. Hazel had so much fun gluing on the Indian corn.

More Mo Willems--Summer Virtual Book Club

We had so much fun reading Mo Willems books, that I have to say we were inspired to do several different crafts. It was hard to choose just one book. You may remember on Monday we shared our Piggie and Elephant masks, which of course can work with any of the Piggie and Elephant books. Hazel's favorites seems to be Elephants Cannot Dance and I Will Surprise My Friend.

Well we read Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed. This story is about a naked mole rat who likes to wear clothes. The other naked mole rats tease him and are horrified at the idea of him wearing clothes. They go talk to the oldest and wisest naked mole rat who calls a meeting to announce that any of them should be allowed to wear clothes if they want and then it no longer matters whether they are clothed or not. 
Enlarged Naked Mole Rat

Well I thought of magnetic paper dolls with this story. (It may be since we were about to take a two-hour car ride to visit my parents and this is the perfect activity for it.) So I enlarged one of the naked mole rat pictures from the book, and I cut some clothes from scrapbook paper to fit the enlarged figure. (I hand sketched them on a paper on top of the enlarged picture and cut patterns.) I glued these cut clothes to the enlarged figure paper and copied it onto the magnetic page (which I got a Ocean State Job Lot for $1 or something for three different sheets).  Steve cut the magnets out for me since I was too busy trying to get ready for our trip. I picked up a metal pizza pan (they didn't have any baking pans) at the Dollar Tree for her to use this on.

This is something she can bring with her in the car or play with at home. Overall, a good activity!

Next month's author is Don and Audrey Wood. You can start reading their books and thinking of activities so you can share!! To see the list of blogs hosting The Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids go here.
Now it is your turn to share a craft or activity for a Mo Willems book. I hope you are enjoying them as much as we are!!

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