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The Startup Squad Sequel -- Chapter Reveal!

Disclosure: I was sent the first chapter to reveal to you and read. All opinions are my own.

So last year we got to share The Startup Squad by Brian Weisfeld and Nicole C. Kear. We loved this book about a group of four girls who were trying to start a lemonade business as a class project. They had to find ways to work together and put aside their differences to be successful. Well the sequel is due out on May 5th. It is Face the Music. We cannot wait to get our hands on it. However today we get to share with you the first chapter! (Yes, you can read it for yourself with that last link!)

The sequel picks up with the same four lovable girls. Each of these girls have distinct personalities and their friendships have grown. Didi, Resa and Amelia cannot wait to share the big news with Harriet and expect a big Harriet-ish reaction but when they do not get it, they want to know why. Harriet explains to them her brothers' band, the Skinks, broke up and says it is her fault. Then the chapter ends. Now the Skinks played a role in The Startup Squad, so the reader of the first book knows they are a good band. The first chapter leaves the reader wanting to know what happened and what will happen. I personally cannot wait to read the sequel. I hope you will check it out!