Chapter Books for Different Ages

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of each of these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

Summer has hit and now the kids are off school. Looking for something for them to read? This post is for you. It has suggestions from age 6 to 14! And there is something for everyone! Our first book is the third book in a series written for 6 to 9 year olds. It is Big Foot and Little Foot: The Squatchicorns by Ellen Potter and art by Felicita Sala.

Now I did not read the first two books in this series and you do not need to enjoy this book. In this book there is a Sasquatch named Hugo who is friends with a boy named Boone. A new tribe of Sasquatches takes refuge with Hugo's tribe and they all have a horn like a unicorn. Hugo is not sure how to treat these new comers. However one of the older boy Sasquatches, Nobb, from the new tribe offers to take Hugo to Boone's birthday party since no one in Hugo's family can take him and he is too young to go by himself. Having never been in a human house before both Hugo and Nobb are in for some surprises as are Boone and his grandmother. They three boys go on an adventure and there is a lot about growth, strength and more in this story.

This book features black and white illustrations through out illustrating the story. It is a sweet story and perfect for the child who likes adventures and some fantasy. It is an easy read and a great book for kids who are ready to move up into chapter books.

Our next chapter book is for ages 6 to 8. It is the first book of a new series: Rabbit & Bear: Rabbit's Bad Habits by Julian Gogh and Jim Field. This book tells the story of a rabbit and bear in the winter. Bear wakes up early and discovers his food is missing. He goes out and realizes it is still winter and snowing. He pursues his dream of making a snowman but finds Rabbit. Rabbit has some bad habits like stealing food and not always being honest. However over the story the two become friends.

This book is well illustrated and a very easy read. The story is fun and great for animal lovers and for working on friendship issues. Rabbit is not the best friend until he realizes what a great friend Bear is.

Our next book is the new installation of the Cody series it is Cody and the Heart of a Champion by Tricia Springstubb and illustrated by Eliza Wheeler. This series is written for ages 7 to 10. Cody is a girl who is trying to figure out life. She has her best friends Spencer and Pearl as well as her older brother, Wyatt. She tries to figure out sports, changes and friendships in this book.

I fell in love with the Cody books when they first came out and each one is a look at every day life and what many kids have to deal with in friendships, family and more. It is a wonderful series and this book is no exception. Each in the series are wonderful. 

Our next book is Ben Braver and the Incredible Exploding Kid by Marcus Emerson. This book is the second book in the Ben Braver series.  This series is for ages 7 to 10. Ben Braver is back for another school year at the secret academy for kids with super powers. There is only one problem, Ben still doesn't have a super power even if he did save the entire school last year from an evil villain. What will he do this year? Will he be able to maintain his secret or perhaps discover he has a power? 

With the near destruction of the school at the end of the year last year, things are a bit different, but there are adventures and plenty of humor. Plus there is now a Ben Braver fan club at the school. After all many of the kids have him to thank for saving their lives. This is a fun series and there is a lot of humor as well as problems. The problems from bullying to being different are dealt with in this book. It is a fun read and great for the kids who love super heroes!

Our next book is for ages 8 to 11 and offers girls tips for starting their own business. It is The Startup Squad by Brian Weisfeld and Nicole C. Kear. This multicultural book takes a group of girls who get assigned to have a lemonade stand. The group to make the most money gets a prize on the class trip. The girls struggle but learn about running a business as well as being good friends. It is a wonderful book to help introduce running a business to our kids. At the end of the book there are tips for the kids to startup their own business including things like marketing, sales, location tips and more! This is an entertaining book. Hazel has read it a couple of times and commented on how good it was when she saw me reading it. It is a book to give our girls and edge and some tips for friendships during those awkward middle grade years.

Our next novel is for ages 9 to 12. It is The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart. Coyote Sunrise has had an interesting life. It is just her and her father traveling around the country in a remodeled school bus. Her father is a hippie and they live by their own rules. She however has a new mission after hearing the park near their old house is being destroyed for a new development. She has to figure out how to get across the country before it is gone and that is the one place her father won't go. Along the way they meet friends who help and have their own issues. Together the group finds ways to help one another and show what true friendship and love is. This book has its sad moments as well as its funny ones. It touches on grief, friendship and love. 

Our final book for today is for ages 10 to 14. It is The Astonishing Maybe by Shaunta Grimes. Gideon is not happy about leaving New Jersey for Nevada, but his father has a new job. Let's face it seventh grade is hard but even harder in a whole new place. When they arrive in Nevada, Gideon sees the unique girl who lives next door. She is going into seventh grade as well. The girl however is a bit strange. She is wearing a blanket cape and roller skates. Gideon gets to know her and she is a bit of the opposite of him. He is a rule follower and never gets into trouble where as she pushes the limits and finds ways to push him to do what he knows he shouldn't do. This book is a wonderful tale about differences, grief, mental illness and friendship. Plus it also deals with some of those middle school issues and being the new kid. It is interesting book and a great read!!