Fairy Day Games -- Book Review & Giveaway with Fairy Craft Round-Up


Disclosure: I was sent a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I am working with The Children's Book Review and Expound Publicity to bring you this post and giveaway.

Our house has loved fairies for a long time. One of our favorite photos of Hazel when she was younger was with her fairy wings on. 
Hazel loved fairies when she was younger. We read just about every book with fairies in them. Today I get to share a new one that has a young girl dreaming of going to the fairy party that welcomes everyone in the forest and belonging. The book is Fairy Day Games by Mari Sherkin and illustrated by David Gnass. With this review there is a giveaway as well as a fairy craft round-up. 

About the Book:

Fairy Day Games Written by Mari Sherkin and Illustrated by David Gnass

Ages 4+ | 38 Pages | Publisher: Mascot Kids | ISBN-13: 9781637555064

Publisher’s Book Summary: Get ready for fun at the Fairy Day Games! Join children’s author Mari Sherkin as she peeks inside a secret world, where magical creatures come together to prepare for the most festive Fairy Day of the year!!

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About the Author

Raised in Toronto by an English father and Canadian mother, Mari Sherkin was always the happiest playing outdoors and using her imagination. She still is. Her first children’s book, A Fairy on My Sleeve, was an international success.

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From Me:

In this tale the narrator is a young girl who spies the fairies having a party. She notices that the frogs, toadies, gnomes, blind moles and more are included in the games and party. The fairies are so light and bright, and everything is shimmering. The book is rhyming and written in verse. It is a sweet tale of the magic of the fairy world but also how everyone in the world belongs and is included. The girl dreams of being small enough to join in the fun. She knows they would include her in the games and celebration. There is an undertone that she is not always included in life. 

In this magical world the gnomes teach about kindness and patience. The fireflies light the dark. They all dance holding hands on the green lawn. The play games like three-legged races and don't drop the egg. It is a fun and happy day for all and the girl dreams of this. I love that this book shares that the fairies include the gnomes and many of the animals. It rings of an inclusion story without being a book about inclusion. The girl imagines if she could be tiny enough, she would be a welcomed guest just as the others are. In many ways it is a multicultural book, but the diversity isn't just in skin color or with people but with all the animals and magical creatures. There are creatures with different skin colors as well. The story itself is truly about the happiness of everyone gathering and feeling welcome and accepted. It is amazing when we can come together as different groups and be accepted. I love how this book is joyful and fun. The illustrations are colorful and sweet, and the words are fun and emphasize the mood of the day. It has the message that everyone is welcome, and everyone is included. I hope you will check it out!

Fairy Craft Round-Up

To go with this book a fairy craft seems like a logical activity. But you could also have a fairy party, plant a fairy garden or build a fairy house. The first collage is full of fairy crafts and the second one is a mix of fairy gardens, fairy houses and more!

2) LEGO Minifigure Fairies from Mama Smiles
5) Flower Fairy from Messy Little Monster
7) Adorable Paper Fairy Craft from In the Playroom
11) Fairy Mobile from Arts & Crackers Note: Templates cost money
14) Paper Fairy Puppets from Arts & Crackers Note: Templates cost money
15) Popsicle Stick Sugar Plum Fairies from In the Playroom
17) Be sure to check out my string and bead fairy craft as well!

2) Fairy Wings from Red Ted Art
3) Cookie Fairy Wand from Red Ted Art
4) Easy Painted Fairy Houses from Projects with Kids 
5) Succulent Fairy Garden from Arts & Crackers
8) Fairy Toadstool House from a Terracotta Pot from Mum in the Mad House
9) Fairy Garden Terrarium Project from STEAM Powered Family Note with Science Lesson!
10) Tooth Fairy Exchange from Arts & Crackers
13) Fairy House Your Kids Will Love from Rediscovered Families 
Not Pictured: Our Fairy Houses
14) Painted Rocks for Fairy Gardens from The Gingerbread House
15) Fairy Doors and Windows from Red Ted Art
16) Craft Stick Fairy Door from The Gingerbread House
17) Craft Stick Fairy Doors from Mum in the Mad House


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